I Am Living Up to My Blog Name This Past Week!

I Am Living Up to My Blog Name This Past Week!

Oh, I have no idea where to even start this post because this past week our house was turned upside down just a bit!

Well I am not going to get into the whole situation as I do not know the whole story I just know that part the affects my family but we this is going to be us in 5 weeks…

animation moving

YES, we are moving!!

I know you are wondering what country are we moving to now but we are staying here in Bydgoszcz.  We found out last Tuesday that we going to have to move out of our current house soon.  Which means that we will be out of our house by the end of May.  OK, I know for some 6 weeks seems like a long time but we do not have a house to move into yet, which is first a foremost thing we need to work on.  We have 2 really AWESOME houses possible already just that we need to work with the homeowners to see who will give us the best deal for their house.  One is out in the country a bit and has a lots of old world charm but a VERY small kitchen which I am trying to figure out if I can make it work for me.  The other house is a bit bigger and more storage but has some interesting design features that will take some time to get use too.

While at first my husband and I were just a little upset about this situation our current landlord is in and how it affects us but now that it has sunk in now for a few days, I am realizing there are a lot of positives!!!

So here is my TOP 10 list of why I am positive about this whole CRAZY situation!

1. Either house with a NICE big yard for the kids and the dog to finally run around in.

2. Both have a neat pond with Koi fish which will be relaxing to listen to when hanging out in the backyard.

3. They both are only a 2 story house!!! (we live in a 4 story house now)

4. They both have a garage that we can actually park our cars in during those fun Polish winters.

5. I get to pack my house and move it for the first time in 21 years!  The military always did it before this should be fun(NOT)!

6. I will get to be a LOT closer to some of my dearest friends that I have made while living here.

7.  Since the commute to my husband’s work and the kid’s school is about tripling (6-15 minutes to about 20-40 depending on traffic) that means he will be driving them more often to school, so that means I will be spending more time at home and that means for crafting/sewing time!

8. We were thinking about changing schools for our 2 youngest next school year already so with either of the 2 houses we are looking at, there are 2 good schools just down the street from them(1 within a 5 minute walk).

9. I do not have to do a real spring cleaning of my house or yard this year since we are moving anyways in a few weeks!

10.  Did I mention we will only have a 2 story house not a 4 story house!!!

As I am still stressed over the whole situation but hey that is life and it is out of my hands so why stress out about it too much.

Here is my philosophy on this whole situation…


So life is going to fun the next couple of weeks!!

If you have moved yourself what moving tips do you have for me?

love kelley
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3 Responses to I Am Living Up to My Blog Name This Past Week!

  1. Adam says:

    So, never dull day in poland :)
    The best way to move (fast) is to leave everything you have – but you have to be rich, or you must do not have almost nothing ….

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