I am waving the white flag!

I am waving the white flag!!

I started coming down with a cold when we were at the Pila marathon over a week ago.  I thought if I took it easy for a day and some over the counter medicines life would get better and it did too a point but I still had a cough and junk in my lungs but this morning I went out with some friends and they notice my cough and I was telling them it was starting to hurt when I was breathing.  So I got a nice talking to by them about not going to the doctor for this.  I just thought it would go away on its own. Yes I am stubborn!  

Then one of them suggested a doctor for me to go to as I have yet to go to the doctor since moving here almost 2 years ago.  Well after I had a quick visit with her and talking too from her as well, I  find out I have a good case of bronchitis.    So I that means off to the local pharmacy to get my medication.

Now so far the doctors are more or less the same as in the US but when you need medicine it is just a bit different when you need to purchase some.  You cannot just run down to the local store and pick up cough medicine, allergy medicine or anything short of headache or cough drops outside of a pharmacy.  Yes, you have to get both over the counter and prescription medicines at them.  This is why you see “Apteka” all over towns.


My local pharmacy


My prescription for drugs to take me to my happy place.


They don't put labels on the prescriptions, so you either tell your doctor to write them down for you or you quickly

They don’t put labels on the prescriptions, so you either tell your doctor to write them down for you or you quickly have to write them down yourself.  Because once  you turn in the prescription to the pharmacy it turns into a guessing game as I learned from when one of girls got sick a few months back.


All my drugs! Notice 2 things? All the medications are in there own packaging unlike in the US and they all have braille on them, even the bottle does too.

So here is to hoping the drugs work, the herbal tea my Slovakian friend gave to me and swears by and tomorrow a batch of Polish chicken noodle soup, Rosół that I will make in the morning, all work and get me better sooner than later!  I have a special family member moving back to Poland next weekend that we are seeing as soon as she flies in, so I need to get better!! (wonder who that could be???)  And maybe the chocolate chip cookies my girls are making right now might help too! (I think I need to play the sick card more often!)

How sick to do you have to be before you go to the doctor? 

While I have you….I need your help!

I am up for being one of the European mom blog on the Circle of Moms website. (this is big deal for us bloggers), so you can a minute a click on this picture and vote for me?  You can once a day and I would be forever grateful!

Circle of Moms Top 25 European Moms - 2013 - Vote for me!

love kelley
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6 Responses to I am waving the white flag!

  1. Renee Allen says:

    Hope you feel better very soon! I loved seeing the pharmacy and medicine photos!

  2. Scott R. Lucado says:

    I hope you feel better soon. I’m betting that the chicken soup does the trick!

  3. Sherri Cantu says:

    I hope you feel better very soon. I am in Korea, and they also so have a special tea. It is citrus and so good. They drink it all winter long for prevention, and drink Red ginseng with honey plus cinnamon when sick. I myself, think the cookies would work for me.

  4. Just voted for you! I feel like I know Poland a lot better now because of you…my son is serving in Warsaw 1 district.

    Happy blogging!
    Amanda Kotter recently posted..It Works!My Profile

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