I Got a New Polish Cookbook!

I Got a New Polish Cookbook!

Yesterday I was at a local bookstore here looking for books for the English conversation classes I teach unfortunately fortunately right next right next to where I was looking was the cookbook section!

My new Polish cookbook!

Unfortunately the book is in Polish but luckily my Polish is good when it comes to food! AND the best part….is has pictures!!!!  While I have 2 Polish cookbooks in English this might be my new to go to book since there are pictures!

Nakesniki – the Polish version of crepes!

The different versions of Polish noodles and dumplings.

During the fall I can go out in the woods here and pick mushrooms, now I know which are safe and now to cook them!!

The one and only recipe in the whole book with the American flag, BROWNIES! There was a bunch from France, Hungry, Italy, Russia that the Polish have adopted over the years(as well as America has too!) but I guess the only thing truly American that they like is brownie’s.

Paczki – Polish jam filled doughnuts!!!!

So guess what type of food I will cooking this week? POLISH!

Do you have a favorite cookbook? Mine, is the one I got for a wedding present from my mother.  She had a blank cookbook and then mailed it from family member to family member and had them write in some of their favorite recipes! Now that my grandparents are no longer with us, it is AMAZING to look in those books and see their handwriting and the memories just flowing with each of the recipes when they would make them for me.


love kelley
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