I Just Want to Cry

How easily do I cry?

Where the Red Fern Grows, The Green Mile, Pay it Forward, The Patriot and 17 Miracles are instant tear jerker movies for me.

When I go on the Godvine website and watch dog rescue’s I better have a box of tissue’s next to me.

I no longer host  or go to “Going away” dinners or parties…I go to “Till we meet again” because the thought of never seeing some friends again(the joys of being a military family) or family for a very long time just makes eyes water(I never cry, my allergies just act up at the wrong time).

But the other week I got this in the mail…..


One of the church missionary mom’s mailed this to me as a “Thank you” for taking care of her son while he lived here.  When I opened the box and saw this I was completely speechless.  Man, the water works are starting even as I type this and look at the picture.

As you know I LOVE taking care these young men and women while they are living here in Bydgoszcz with all my blog posts that I have them in. Being temporary mom for them is AWESOME.  These mom’s are very appreciative for what I do but the one of the reason’s do what I do is because I miss this kid…


My oldest “K” who lives in the US now starting his next chapter of life.

 He is the same age as most of the guys here and so it is just like home when they are here because I sure do miss the commotion in my house when my son lived at home.  In 3 weeks my oldest daughter “L” will be moving to the US to start university and the commotion(GREAT water works starting again, hold on for a second, I need to run and grab more tissue!) is going to get even quieter.

Please tell me I am not the only person that can cry this easily?

love kelley
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9 Responses to I Just Want to Cry

  1. Carla says:

    Nah…it’s all good. I cry at game shows when people win big money… Sad but true. It’s a great thing you are doing and I know it is appreciated by many. Best wishes to you and James as your family evolves yet again. She has had fabulous teachers and will do great things!

  2. Brisja says:

    I am glad to hear I am not the only one! Ever since I had my son, anything can make me cry, and does:)

  3. Miranda Diamond Stansbury says:

    This is so touching! And inspiring! ;)

  4. Dorothy Teel says:

    Nah, crying is just another way of expressing our feelings, I cry when I am happy, cried through my number ones wedding, cry when we leave out out of state kids home, crying is great way of releasing emotional tension, cry and get some new tissues and enjoy life.

  5. Michele Ash says:

    You are not alone! Whenever I go on facebook and people send me pictures of animals that have been hurt or killed or are in shelters and are going to be killed, the water works turn on! I’ve cried at many movies as well. And, even sometimes when someone gives me a compliment, I tear up! So don’t feel alone! There are many of us out here that “just want to cry” too! :)

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