I think I gained 5 pounds!

One of the things that has made the transition to Poland an easy easier move is our wonderful church.  As many of you are aware a great church family no matter where you move to can either make you or break you.  Well yesterday we went and spent half a day with one of ours.  They live about and hour and 15 minutes from us in a neat town called Torun.  The great thing about Artur and Kornelia is they are truly dedicated members of our because every Sunday they drive that same distance to come to church.




First polish housing is a bit different the American.  In big cities they tend to look like this.  I guess during the communism days these buildings were all gray with no color.  Can you image?






Then we were off to climb five stories of staircases.  All I can say this  would be my daily work out if this was our house. Then we finally got to their apartment, all chaos broke loose!  So what if between the 7 kids they don’t speak the same language, a toy is a toy, that and sign language works too!






Before long it was time to eat.  So I was thinking this simple little meal.  Boy was I wrong!!! Kornelia and Artur made this 5 course meal of traditional Polish food.  First up…..

Soup.  She had made both tomato and cabbage.  In Polish they are called Pomidorowa and Kapusniak.  All I can say, if this was just the first course we were in for trouble because this was AMAZING!!! As you can see Ella enjoyed every bite. Then it was on to the second course….. This was Mieso Wiepporzowe Schab. In english this was a pork loin rolled and stuffed with kielbaska and cucumber with gravy. She also made mashed potato’s and served beet pickle relish.   I think after eating this course Jim and I were ready for a nap.  But NO!  it was time for the next round of food…. Birthday cake!  Their littlest one turned 3 years old.  And yes, Kornelia made the cake too! Just when you think you should have worn your jogging pants instead of your jeans, out comes more food!  This time it was polish peach cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies.   Sorry I didn’t get a picture of these because I was in calorie overload by then. So right when I thought is was going to be time to go, out comes MORE food. This time I made sure I had room, because it was the famous Polish sausages!

We had a great time with Artur and Kornelia. So needless to say we are already working on dates when we can teach other how to cook our foods.  She wants me to teach her to cook chocolate cake, brownies and anything else American.

So what do you think I should teach her?

love kelley
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6 Responses to I think I gained 5 pounds!

  1. Nicole Garner says:

    This is so amazing Kelley, and we are so happy that you guys are settling in with good people (but it is you guys so of course that was going to happen :-)

    Our German friends always wanted to know how to make chili and southern fried chicken. I sadly never had the time to teach them because of my jobs but I did manage to get them a to it yourself chili packet and shake and bake from the commissary ;-)

    Miss you guys and love you, give us a call when you get a chance!!!!

  2. Hi! Visiting from the Newbie Blog Group on Facebook. This is a really neat blog! I enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading about all the delicious food!

  3. Karolina says:

    Hi Kelley,

    If you need ANY help translating I can always join your cooking lessons via the amazingness of the Internet (PLEASE say you need help ’cause I really miss you guys ;o) ) I can also pre-translate your recipes or … sing for you while you cook… As far as what to cook I vote for those deep fried things you were making at the 4th of July party… yummy! BTW this Thursday is Tłusty Czwartek — Fat Thursday, it is the last Thursday of Carnival and the tradition says you have to eat doughnuts… and lots of them too — aren’t our customs great ;o). SMACZNEGO aka bon apetite!

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