International Women’s Day in Poland

International Women’s Day in Poland

On Friday it was International Women’s Day now I know for many of you, you probably had no clue about it!  I had never heard of it until me moved here to Poland.  It is day celebrate the women in your life.  So kids would bring flowers to their teachers and the men standing in line at the local flowers to get flowers for their wives and girl friends.

One of the streets here in town does several events throughout the year to help promote the businesses on it.  So on this day they did another event in honor of Women’s Day.  They had several different craft stands, food booths and discounts for women at the stores on the street.  They also had activities for the women.  I got stuck doing one of them with a friend!  I had a fun hour with my friend and we probably would have stayed longer but it was WAY to cold for us!

Handing out tulips to all the ladies who were visiting.

Love the view when walking through old European cities!

Homemade bread, sweets and syrups!

On of the groups was offering shoe shines to all the women. My boots needed it really bad. They looked almost new by the time he was done!

This trolley is a permanent fixture on this street. In it today they were giving away soup and coffee and it was cold enough outside so the line was a bit long at times.

Now time to pick out Easter baskets! Oh, decisions!!!

LOTS of basket liners and ribbons. I think I spent 5 minutes trying to pick 3 ribbons for my girls Easter baskets.

Decorated gingerbread cookies. Guess what my kids will be getting in their Easter baskets?

Here we are getting pinned to play game on who could say the word “druga”(the name of the street) the longest. I tried to play the  “I don’t speak Polish” card but it did not work as he speaks English, UUGGHH!!  She beat me by 2 seconds. Yes we looked like fools but hey they gave us a gift certificate for a haircut and style and movie pass!

Self defense demonstration by the local police department.

After walking around for about 45 minutes, we were FREEZING so we headed off to our cars.  We stumbled upon a new coffee shop on another street, so we decided to head in.  It was called Bubble Tea.  Well we went inside and we found American type cupcakes.  Of course we had to try them!  I had a Snickers one and my friend had a cinnamon/toffee one.  They were good but mine are still better.

American style cupcakes in Poland!

Now here are the beverages they were selling.  They sealed it and then you poke your straw through it.  Love the concept but I had a caramel cream with herbal tea and milk with yogurt balls which was good to drink once but I do not think I will order it again!  Next time, the mango milk one is calling my name.

Bubble Tea, juice and milk.

Here the yogurt balls that you suck up in the straws and then pop them in your mouth. Interesting is the way I would describe it.

It is fun to find events like this going on!

What is your favorite hot drink to warm you up?  Mine, is Inka (Polish fake coffee)!


love kelley
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3 Responses to International Women’s Day in Poland

  1. kim says:

    I want to go to Poland :)

  2. Donna Tabaka says:

    Both sides of my families are from Poland. I have never been but I really miss my culture. Bravo to the Men of Poland. What city was this taken in?

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