Italian Cooking Lesson in Poland?

Italian Cooking Lesson in Poland?

Last week a few of friends of mine got together at one of my favorite restaurants here in town, NUVO for an Italian cooking class.  The chef from the restaurant cooked for a few years in Italy so I asked him if he would mind teaching us a thing or two about cooking Italian food?

Well 2 and half hours later, I learned how to make pasta from scratch(only eggs and flour, who knew?) and 3 different sauces.  I have never cooked Italian from scratch before except for lasagna, it tastes so much than jarred sauces!!

So here is how we spent our GREAT morning together!!

My friends and I doing the prep part of the class. My job, grating cheese! Kind of crazy when I look at this picture, here I am an American wearing my Dutch apron, taking an Italian cooking class in Poland?

Pesto filled ravioli.

First up, ravioli!

Time to eat!

Next up noodles!

Another ravioli.

This is what it looks like when you put a plate of food in front of 15 women!

And this is what a plate looks like when 15 women are done eating!

My friend Rasa got a picture of Patrick making sure I am plating the pasta just right.

Another one of the dishes we made, pasta and carbonara sauce!

Here Rasa took this picture busting me for taking the last bite off the plate.

What a fun time this is was!

What is your favorite Italian food to eat? Mine, lasagna!

love kelley
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