It’s Thanksgiving!!

I know for most American’s it is Thanksgiving Day which means eat until your are too stuffed to move, be with family and friends you love, watch the Macy’s Parade and football on the television.  Unfortunately not for us!  This one of the MAJOR disadvantages of living in Poland not being around family on big holiday’s like this.

I remember many Thanksgiving’s spending them at my 2 grandmother’s houses each with their own specialties that we would eat today, one would make this orange jello cottage cheese salad and the made amazing chocolate silk pie!!

Today for us is just another day and my husband has to work his normal shift and the girls still have school.  So we will be celebrating Thanksgiving later with friends(who are now family) next week when our schedules are so busy with day-to-day life.

Here are few of the things I miss about this holiday……

Oh how I remember watching the Macy’s parade as a kid! And then getting to watch it with my kids.

Cooking for 5 people is just not the same as cooking for 10+ people!

This the biggest thing that I will miss about today! Over the last 6 years my husband and I have either coordinated or helped coordinated a Thanksgiving Dinner for all the single soldiers and deployed families at the last military base we were at for over 200+ people. We got volunteers to help cook the food and got the donations for all the food so it was a completely FREE event for everyone.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving today I hope you have a GREAT holiday with family and friends and not eat too much.  As for me I am off to decide what cook for dinner tonight I am thinking either a tuna casserole or maybe macaroni and cheese?  Hum, decisions!

What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?  Me, sweet potato’s!


love kelley
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6 Responses to It’s Thanksgiving!!

  1. Kimberly Lauridsen says:

    I feel for ya girl. I too am a ND native but am living in Denmark and missing all the “fixins” of Thanksgiving along with our son who is back at UND.

  2. Joanna says:

    This will be my second Thanksgiving ever and I’m so excited! I love turkey and all the other food that is served. Plus it will be fun to meet some a bit distant family that I’ve never met before.

  3. Stuffing is my favorite, or dressing since it’s not baked in the turkey just in a casserole dish!
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  4. Milena says:


    I have gotten an email from Rachel and she has sent me a link to your blog. I have been looking for an American family here in Bydgoszcz but no luck till just now – I am so HAPPPY! I have found your blog. We would love to meet you. It’s be great to hang out and for the kids to get to know each other. Please drop me an email with you phone number and I’ll be happy to call you.

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