Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Come to Poland!!!

Am I losing my mind for doing 2 blog posts in a row about doughnuts?  YES!!!  The stars are in alignment this week for me to give me the excuse to eat them twice in one week!  As you know Thursday was “paczki”  day here but today was even better.

Tonight I picked up a friend from the airport who is visiting for the next couple of weeks.  Well he flew from Istanbul  Turkey where they have Krispy Kreme like we have McDonald’s in the USA.

A few weeks ago my friend Rachael was in Istanbul and she showed me this picture of her first meal there, Krispy Kreme’s…

I was like REALLY, you didn’t me back one?  So as a surprise she had our friend surprise me with this as we load up my car at the airport!

Oh, I was in HEAVEN!!  It has been at least 3 years since I have had one of these doughnuts!  Not only did he bring us 1 doughnut; he brought 6 of them and in a cute metal box to cherish this day for a while. AND he even brought us the bakers hat too.

When we opened up the box they were a bit messy but ,when you have been flying for 9 hours and having to go through check-in baggage, I think I would look the same way!!

 So after dinner tonight we dived into them and they were delicious!!! I had the heart-shaped one which ended being filled with strawberry jam AND Bavarian creme! I think I got the best one out of the bunch.

Now that I am done doing the happy dance from eating these, it is time to get the kids to bed before the sugar rush kicks in!

What is your favorite doughnut filling?  Mine, Bavarian cream so I was in complete heaven tonight!

love kelley
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