KS Palac Volleyball Goes For the Win!

KS Palac Volleyball Goes For the Win!

Tonight was yet another home volleyball game for the KS Palac team.  So that means we have to go cheer fellow family member Rachael Adams!  The game I think is one of the fastest games this season but it was a GREAT game especially the last set.  It snowed and snowed today so it was nice to get out of the house even though the roads were not the greatest.

Let the game begin!

The team patiently waiting for the other team to get going!!

I so don’t want to be at the receiving end of that ball.

Cotton candy break of course we had to have.

Not sure if these are the best seats in the house but those two were having a GOOD time together!

Why the BIG smile? Maybe cause you guys are winning!!!

And they win, 3-0!!!! 3 more much needed points towards the league standings.

  • Time to celebrate the win!!

    Some having fun with the confetti.

    Miss Rachael having a fun moment with her fans!

    It was a fun fast game!  It hard to believe that the season is almost already over.  But next weekend we are off to our first away game with the team, Sopot!  We are hopefully going to be going on the fan bus to watch the game next weekend.

    So what fun and exciting things did you do today or are you going to do?  Me, besides shoveling my sidewalk 4 times today, the volleyball game was the next best thing today!!

love kelley
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  1. Aniaa says:

    Woo go Bydgoszcz! Fun fact: male team from Bydgoszcz, Delecta, is the leader of the league! Good luck to the girls in their game with Sopot Atom!

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