Little of Holland in Poland!

I am beyond excited today!!  I went to our local Lidl grocery store this morning to get some more orange juice as several of us in my house have been sick since Thursday and we are still trying to get over our colds.

When going to go get some more milk for the house too, guess what I came across? Poffertjes!

These are Dutch little pancakes.  They were one of our favorite foods to eat and make when we lived in Holland.  You would just warm them up and then sprinkle a little powered sugar on top and then devour them.

Here is how they make them in Holland.  You can make them at home but they are so much better when you get them at carnivals or markets. They cook LOTS at a time.

Here is how they are typically served in Holland…

 Poffertjes are just one of the many things we miss about Holland.

Here is just a fun fact about Holland…The official name of the country is Kingdom of the Netherlands.  Holland is actually two provinces in the Netherlands (North & South).

What is one of your favorite international foods to eat?

love kelley
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8 Responses to Little of Holland in Poland!

  1. Nena Sinclair says:

    Ponnukikur (Icelandic crepes!) They are so delicious!

  2. harriet rikhof says:

    You know what I have never made them. But they do taste good.
    And how nice to let the people know that Holland is only North and south holland provincies they call them. And you lived in the best one, Limburg.
    People in Limburg are not pleased when someone say’s to them are you from Holland?
    Limburg is great.


  3. Marcin says:

    Wooooow! Looks really delicious :)! I hope they were delicious ;). From Netherlands I love those special wafers with toffie:

    They tastes MARVELOUS with a hot coffe mmmmmm ;)
    Have a nice evening ;),

  4. Oh man, those look scrumptious! I can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity to try Poffertjes, but they’re definitely going on the must-try list now :)

    I love anything Polish, my favorite probably being Pierogi!
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  5. Joanna says:

    Oh I remember these! We tried some in Amsterdam with my husband, they were sooooooooooooooooo good!

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