Look at Those Smiles!

Look at Those Smiles

Last Tuesday was a fun day to be able to put some smiles on some kids faces at the local orphanage here in town.  I started the morning at the monthly coffee morning that the spouses do at my husbands work .  This month we asked for donations of used or new clothes or toys and personal hygiene items to be brought to the orphanage. I filled the back of my van up with all the wonderful donations that they brought.  BUT not only that I was able to give them 750 zlotys that we raised last month at the International Day event booth we did!

I love going to the orphanage and seeing the smiles of the kids faces with the things we bring.  Not only are we greeted with smiles but with hugs and kisses from them too!

My partner in crime at the orphanage!  I would be soooo lost without her!

My partner in crime at the orphanage! I would be soooo lost without her!

The donation pile.

The donation pile.

Where are the plates?

We had left-over cookies and cupcakes so I brought them to the orphanage as well to share with them. “Where are the plates?”

Anything in there for me?

Anything in there for me?

Helping with the local orphanage has been such a blessing since moving here.  It is great to be able to help others!

Where is your favorite place to volunteer? Mine, while here in Poland would be the orphanage but before Poland it was with Girl Scouts!


love kelley
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