May Holiday Week!

Well I thought the Christmas holiday season was the only time of year when stores closed for days on end well guess what? Well not here in Poland!!  My dear husband has this WHOLE week off from work, CRAZY huh?

May 1st, under communist rule they celebrated as Labour Day with government-endorsed parades, concerts and similar events. Following the 1989 changes, they decided to keep this day a public holiday but to give it the neutral name of State Holiday.

May 2nd, Flag Day, this was established by a decree on February 20, 2004 when the change in Polish coat of arm, shade of colors of the flags and Polish anthem were introduced. This day is also called a day of White Eagle. Polish Eagle constitutes a Polish coat or arm. Although May 2nd is formally not a free day, it is often a part of the long holiday week.

May 3rd was first celebrated 1791 for the newly adopted Polish constitution. It was the first constitution in Europe and the second in the world after the United States. The Constitution Day holiday was banned during the Partitions of Poland, then reinstated in 1919, when Poland regained independence after WWI only to be banned again during WWII by the Nazis and later for the next 44 years by the communists. It was restored as an official holiday in 1990.

May 1st and May 3rd as so called May Holiday or Majówka. This year the holidays fall on Tuesday and Thursday so a lot of people took the rest of the week off and began celebrating last Saturday.

We went to the Netherlands over the weekend to visit friends and to do some Poland sightseeing finally with the GREAT weather that we are having this holiday week.

So what do you like to do on your holiday week(ends)?

love kelley
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