Men’s Professional Volleyball – YES!!

Last night I had a GREAT girls night out!  And what made it GREAT?  Going out with 2 GREAT friends (Rachael & Karolina) and my 3 daughters to a professional volleyball game here in town.  In Bydogszcz there is also a men’s professional team, Delecta Bydgoszcz.

It was great to have a professional volleyball player sitting next to you as she watches the game from a different point of view.  I can’t say how much of the game Rachael got to watch as she was being asking 20 million question from my 2 little ones on the way this and that was being done in the game.  But as the same time I am glad they were asking those questions because I had a lot of the same ones and I did not want to look like an idiot so I did not ask!

What is neat about this men’s game is that they were playing a special game against a team from Turkey because of some international volleyball league thing. (I have clearly stated I know VERY little about volleyball but quickly learning!)  I did feel bad however because we learned one of the players on the Turkish team is from America and we did not have our American pride clothes on. :(

The “Archer” stadium.

Getting all of our tickets scanned.

Once again the only food available was popcorn. Defiantly not American stadium food here! No hot dogs, no nachos and no cotton candy.

The fan club section.

This is who we were told to cheer for last night, #11. It is hard to believe but he is 6 feet 7 inches tall.

And they go for the block!

What? We did not touch the ball, come on referee!

The judges debate…..

and the point goes to Bydgoszcz!

Group hug, we scored a point!

Hanging out with my girls and 2 GREAT friends!

Yes, they even have cheerleaders! OK, they are nothing liking American cheerleaders but they do know how to walk in line and shake pom-poms up and down. Imagine pee-wee football cheerleaders there is no Dallas Cowboys contract coming in the mail for them anytime soon!

William Little is from the USA that played on the Turkish team.

The final point and the crowd gets on their feet!!! And we won.. 3 matches to 0. WOO HOO!!

I can not speak for everyone but that was a GREAT game last night!

What is your favorite professional sport to watch?


love kelley
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4 Responses to Men’s Professional Volleyball – YES!!

  1. Ania says:

    Definitely volleyball!!! Maybe because it’s actually doing good in Poland, money wise and professionally wise. We have a very good league:) Btw, that’s how I got to your blog, because of Rachael :) I actually moved to United States from Poland 5 years ago, so it’s quite interesting seeing my home country from your point of view! Take care!

    • Ania,

      I never really watched it until we moved here but volleyball is fun!

      I am glad you are enjoying my blog. Were are you from here in Poland?

      • Ania says:

        I’m from Stalowa Wola, podkarpackie. That’s Southeast Poland, quite far from Bydgoszcz! I actually got to visit Bydgoszcz when I was on the way to the Baltic coast and I enjoyed it very much! Beautiful city! Hope you’re enjoying it too!:)))

  2. karolina says:

    yo yo!
    Kelley, the American guy in the picture is William Priddy


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