Merry Christmas from Poland!

Merry Christmas from Poland!

I hope your Christmas was holly and jolly!  We had a great day with food, friends and family.    First up was a local television station, TVP came to our house in the morning to film us doing American Christmas traditions here in Poland.  Not sure what the draw of us celebrating Christmas here in Poland is but they called us a few days ago and asked if we would not mind them coming over for about 15 to 20 minutes for a quick shot.  Well they were quick, everything was on the first take not like our US television episode that we filmed back in April where sometimes we did the same thing up to 4 times.    To see the 2 minute clip click HERE.  We wanted to  have some fun with this, like telling them a fake tradition and seeing if it catches on here in Poland.  My teenager wanted to say we all ate fish sticks and custard (do you know what TV show that is from?) for Christmas but none of us could say it with a straight face without laughing!

The TVP crew filming.

Then they were gone and it was finally time to open presents!  All the presents from the grandparents and their aunt made it in time all the way from the US.  Mint Oreo’s  and our potato chip maker where the biggest hit to remind us of the US!

Time to FINALLY open presents!

Then in the afternoon 4 of our church missionaries here in town came over for an atypical American and Polish Christmas dinner.  But first up was a movie to remind us how special Christmas Day is.  Then while the turkey was still cooking we played a game or two of our favorite game!

First course of our meal, cheese and crackers while we are playing around of Apple’s to Apple’s.

Then it was time to start working on the final touches for dinner.  We did the typical 12 courses that they eat here in Poland on Christmas Eve.  While the Polish do not eat meat for their Christmas dinner as they eat fish like Carp instead, there are some American traditions I am just giving up and meat is one of them!

Time to start peeling the potato’s and boiling them. If you want to eat in my house everyone has to help!

2 of our missionaries wondering what they can cut up next! They were having too much fun in the kitchen.

The turkey looks like it is done, so time for dinner!

First up, Borsht soup.

Of course there was going to be ham! Christmas without ham, just not going happen no matter where we live.

Homemade clover buns just like my grandma K. used to make!

Polish Christmas tradition is to eat several varieties of herring. Well I opted for just one, herring in a cream sauce. Several people bought this one at the grocery store so I thought it must be good. Well everyone had one bite and it came with mix reviews. For me it was WAY to fishy for me. But at least I tried it.

My mother’s scalloped corn!

We live in Poland so of course we had periogis.

One of the missionaries made the mashed potatoes.

Only twice a year the missionaries get to talk to their parents, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Here in one of them waiting for his 18:00 phone call from his parents. We did play an evil trick on him, one of the other missionaries called him from his cell phone right after I took this picture. It was fun seeing all of their eyes light up when it was their turn for the phone call!

Then when dinner was all done and the table was cleared and dishes washed, it was time to open a few more gifts that we had got for the missionaries as well as this last one from my AMAZING friend Rod back in the US. The box weighed about 25 lbs so I was very curious what was inside. He spoils us more that I could have ever imagined. This one of the great things about military families is having friends all over the world and knowing they will always be there for you. My husband and him worked together over 11 years ago in Florida together and then a few years ago we met up with him in Germany when we was working there and we were in Holland. Now he is back in the US mailing all the things I took for granted back in the US.

So here is what was in the box….25 pounds of 12 different types of chocolate heaven!!! Rod, if you were closer I will give a great big hug and kiss!!! Chocolate chips like this do not exist here in Poland, at lease were I shop!

Then it was time for the final course of the meal, dessert! Sorry I did not take pictures for the pumpkin pie, the cookies nor the fudge as we were all going into food coma by now. Then while we were eating it was time for a quick game of charades before it was time for everyone to leave.

While the day would have been better with grandparents and aunts and uncles or with our oldest son being home for the holiday, this was a close second when you get to help spread the holiday spirit to others.  But after everyone left we were able to call grandparents via the computer to say thank you for the gifts and talk to our son!! I love modern technology!

 What was the best gift you got for Christmas?  Me, my kids letting me sleep in!!

love kelley
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  1. Samantha says:

    You should have given that TV crew a fake tradition! That is too funny!!

  2. Jim says:

    Why are you shipping chocolate chips from the USA? Buy a bar of “czekolada gorzka” (dark, bitter chocolate) from the store. Chop it up. Instant chocolate chips for a fraction of the shipping price!

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