Midsummer Fair, Feast of Bread & Busker Festivals

Well Saturday we had a great family adventure right here in Bydgoszcz, Poland.  In the old city center of town or what they call the Fish Market area of town.

There were 3 different festivals going on all in the same area so it made for an interesting afternoon for the whole family!

First up was the Feast of Bread festival….

One of the cute table displays.

All tents for the bread festival.

Now I know you would think I would have more pictures of the bread festival but about 10 minutes after taking this picture a NICE rain storm came through and blew about half the canopies over that were not tied down or did not have enough people to help hold them down.  To get out of the rain we did the mad dash to the local mall about 2 blocks away and hung out for an hour until it finished.  When it was all done with about half the tents tore down and called it a day unfortunately.  But we still had some of the craft market that survived the storm to see!

So around the corner and off the Midsummer Craft Festival…

Wood carving.

Homemade sausage. YYYUUUMMM!!!

Glass blowing.

Look at all these neat handmade things.

Cute dolls and of course the girls had to get a set.

I wish I knew how he does that!

Look at all those baskets!

Of course there was going to be Polish pottery!

And more pottery.

And since I was at my spending limit and the hubby and kids were starting to get bored with shopping, it was time to enjoy some of the international street artists.

Lastly Busker International Street Artist Festival…


One of the street artists before the rain storm.


Street artists from the Ukraine but due to the raining they had to be creative.


He tried to pick Jim to participate but he kindly said "no thank you," and after seeing this he was glad he did!

So we walked over to Mill Island to A. cool off and B. to see if anything was happening and sure enough there was more street performers!


This group was neat. They performed for 30 minutes and did not say a word. They acted to the music that was playing.


One of the great things about Mill Island here, a neat canal to cool off in!


Cooling my toes!

So we had a great family afternoon thanks to some neat events going on in our local area.  Want to know how I know about this neat events?  Visit the Bydgoszcz Information Center website HERE to find out about the local happenings.  The neat thing about this site it is in 6 different languages!!

So what event local event do you think we should go to next?

love kelley
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