More prom dresses and more prom dresses!

It is hard to believe that my oldest daughter is doing her last year of high school!  She is not my baby anymore that is for sure.

Pretty in pink!

Pretty in pink!

But one of the fun things about being a Senior is Prom.  That magical time of year where you get to dress up like a princess and go to the ball.  Much like homecoming this year, we have already started to search for the perfect prom dress for prom here in a few months.  Unlike the US where you have lots of stores to choose from and most keep track of who is buying what dress to make sure no one else is wearing the same dress to the same prom, we don’t have that over here in Europe.  When we lived in The Netherlands many friends ordered dresses online.  Then here is where is get comical, the girls from the high school would start a Facebook group so girls would post pictures of the dresses they ordered to make sure no one else ordered a similar one.  Oh, to be a teenager this day and age!

We are looking at a few online stores and one of the places we are looking for this year’s prom dress we found this possibility. Because of the standards for dressing we have in our house, I have come to the conclusion that finding modest prom dresses are few and far between but this one is one we can settle on between the two of us.

One of the top contenders!

One of the top contenders!

So far we have spent more hours than I want to admit looking at more prom dresses and more prom dresses not only online but in stores here around town!  Moments like this make me appropriate having a son when all you have to worry about is was color of a bow tie to wear!  To think I get to go through this again in 8 years and then it will be for 4 years in a row with my younger two girls! Yea, me!

Since most of you are past prom age, what is your favorite memory of your prom?  I didn’t go to my Senior prom since I graduated 2 months early to move to Germany with my husband. You all know that story from last week!

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