My Favorite Coffee Shop in Bydgoszcz, Beyrouth Cafe!

Almost every Friday late afternoon you will find me and a friend hanging out a local shop here in town while our little ones are taking a community art class.   A few months ago when our kids started taking these classes we had an hour and half to wait until they were done, so we walked down a few streets and found this neat coffee shop.  Now if this world could get any smaller, one of the owners is from Slovakia and guess what?  My friend is from Slovakia!  So needless I learn at bit of Slovakian eat time we go in to have a drink.

While one would say this is just a small coffee shop they more than just coffee(I lost count of how many they had but at least 40+) they have juice, soda, and AMAZING hot chocolate! Now if you are hungry no worries, they have a light menu and some GREAT desserts, like a chocolate fondue tray!

I LOVE my Friday afternoon hang out time in the cafe with my friend.  Going there makes me feel like the TV show “Cheers.”  We have our table in the back where we can enjoy our drinks, our desserts and have a few good laughs together!

 Well yesterday was Friday, so here a few pictures of how we spent our time at Cafe Beyrouth….

 Can I take your order?

Would you like a shot of syrup with that coffee? We only have 30+ to choose from!

Yes, he is always smiling like this. One of the many reason why we like coming here.

American Cookie coffee. Imagine melting a chocolate chip cookie and then pouring it into some coffee and then topping it with some whipped cream…..HEAVEN!!!

Apple juice with cinnamon, top with warm milk foam. Imagine the Christmas season in a cup…. DELICIOUS!!!

We also had homemade apple pie with whipped cream and ice cream. Did you notice the melting ice cream? They serve the pie warm which made this probably one of thee best desserts I have had in Bydgoszcz!

Getting the next order ready.

 I love the atmosphere in here!  If you want one of their COMFORTABLE couches, I HIGHLY recommend making a reservation.


 As I am not a coffee drinker, so I am not a coffee shop type person but coming here is probably one of my highlights of my week.  Moments like this make living here in Poland GREAT!

Go check our their Facebook page HERE

OR better yet if you are a local reader, go check them out in person and to make it even better ONE of  today’s Groupon specials just happens to be for Beyrouth Cafe for coffee and a chocolate fondue tray click HERE to check out this GREAT deal!

What is your favorite hot drink?  Mine, hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows!

love kelley
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5 Responses to My Favorite Coffee Shop in Bydgoszcz, Beyrouth Cafe!

  1. Kamila says:

    I visited Beyrouth Cafe’ once but this was not the last time for sure:) A cup of delicious coffee and a piece of cheese cake made my and my friend’s day:)

  2. magda says:

    my name is Magda. I just saw your post about Beyrouth Cafe and while reading i was smiling a lot, especially when u were writing about apple pie… cause it is my recipe… It turns out that one of I these two owners is my brother ;) So I can say I am proud of him and his apple pie!
    I am also happy that they have guests like u – the foreigners discovering new places and people, I know this feeling really good and find it very exciting… I felt in love with USA , have been there for over half an year and it makes me feel nice when I am able to meet Americans. U wrote that your friend is from Slovakia – I also love this country – the best friend of mine is Slovak.
    I am also wondering how come I didn’t meet You there yet… It would be nice to meet You.

    • Magda,

      I LOVED that apple pie, it was almost as good as my babka’s! If you ever want to teach me how to make the pie I would be in HEAVEN!!

      I would love to meet you too! I will make sure I say “Hi” to you if you are there when I go in next time!

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