Now that is creative marketing

Today I was running errands with a friend of mine and we stopped at a red light and saw 2 guys carrying a banner and trying to figure out what they were doing and/or selling.  

Are you doing?

Now that is creative marketing!

Then when the light turned completely red, they walking into the middle of the cross walk, stopped for a few seconds and then walked backed.   How crazy is this?  But I do have to say it sure got my attention!  Now if only the wording on the sign was a bit bigger so I see more than the company name and phone number as I still do not know what they were trying to advertise.

Have I been living under a rock and others have seen this before or is this a new form of advertising to you too?


love kelley
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One Response to Now that is creative marketing

  1. Lois B says:

    Crazy! It’s new to me!

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