Now that is what I call a good game

Yes, it was another fun weekend in our household!  Sunday we headed up north to Sopot.  Not to go to the beach(weather is a wee bit on the cold side for that now) but to watch women’s volleyball!  Yes, our unofficial kid Rachael was playing up there and it is less than a 2 hour drive so we headed up that way.  

But what also made this time fun was that a few weeks ago we met a fellow American, Kim Hill at the Poznan volleyball tournament a few weeks ago that played with Rachael on the US National volleyball team, well she was playing against Rachael yesterday.

Did I mention the girls LOVE Kim now too?

Did I mention the girls LOVE Kim now too?

The girls love hanging out watching volleyball, so all 3 of my girls got dressed in recorded time the minute they woke up, even 17 year-old “L” was ready in less than 15 minutes!  

So off we went on a beautiful fall day to watch some volleyball.  The game, now that is what I call a good game.  There were several nail-biters during the 4 sets. In the end Kim’s team won but it was fun game to watch.  The hardest part though was not to cheer to loud for Rachael as I was sitting deep in the heart of Kim’s Sopot team supporters.  

DSC_0216 - Copy

Now this is a big arena.

DSC_0218 - Copy

This one even has a real concession stand. This was the first one that I have seen out of all the stadiums. FYI, if you get tickets in the 300 sections during a game, they do not let you out of that floor area during the whole game. So you want a snack during the game you better get it before you go up. I am not speaking from experience of course. It was a good thing that there as at least a vending machine so we could get some water during the game.

DSC_0243 - Copy

Time to get the game started.

DSC_0251 - Copy

These were Sopot’s teams sponsor mascots. I don’t think Rachael was prepared for them to high 5 her.

DSC_0253 - Copy

No worries, she came out alive!

DSC_0259 - Copy

Kim too was a bit surprised as I think she got up in the moment when they called her name for the opening line up.

DSC_0272 - Copy

And the showdown begins between the 2 of them. Rachael goes up first.

DSC_0274 - Copy

And Kim’s turn.

DSC_0279 - Copy

Going up for the block.

DSC_0285 - Copy

Getting some air time on that serve!

DSC_0303 - Copy

Game face

DSC_0308 - Copy

This team even has cheerleaders that can dance too.

DSC_0315 - Copy

She makes it look so easy to hit that ball over the net.

DSC_0321 - Copy

Way to save it!

DSC_0347 - Copy

Rachael on the big screen!

DSC_0363 - Copy

In between the 3 & 4 set they had a game with a few spectators.

DSC_0372 - Copy

The love cam is even here in Poland! This poor guy though not sure what was going on.

Way to spike it!

Way to spike it!


It is fun to watch fellow US teammates battle it out with each other.


These ladies can get some serious height going!


“A” giving some change for a fundraiser they were doing. She even got kiss out of it which made her smile from ear to ear.


Well guess who won this game?


Fan signature time! Yes, once a photo bomber, always a photo bomber. But then again that is why we love her!


Now back to the car and off to dinner.


Yep, once again we ate our favorite restaurant in Sopot! It is the only time I ever eat Mexican here in Poland. I really need to try the one out here in Bydgoszcz one of these days.


We ate with Kim and unfortunately Rachael had to get on the bus with her team right away to head back to Dabrowa. It felt weird not to eat with her after a game. We had a good time with Kim as you can see, good food and good company!

I love having days like this to spend with my girls (natural and adopted)!   

Now if you want to see the game from Rachael’s point of view and how she spends her game day go check out her blog,

Have you ever dreamed of being an Olympic athlete?  What sport would it be?  Me, table tennis.  Have you ever watch them play before?  That is some serious business.

love kelley
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