A Visit to…Oberammergau, Germany

I know I have not posted a lot the past week, so my apologies   But I have a GOOD excuse, we were on in Oberammergau, Germany for a work conference for my husband.  The kids and I tagged along with him on this trip as it is one of the few that he could drive to instead of fly too.  We were in that area about 5 years ago for a holiday and fell in love with it, so of course we went!

Let me tell you, that area is defiantly not Bydgoszcz!  We had views like this from our apartment…

or views like this….

 This area of Germany is AMAZING!!  Everything is clean, the air is fresh and the views are beyond beautiful!!!

We spent 8 days there and they just flew by.  While my husband was at his conference, the girls and I just walked and walked and walked some more around this area.  We easily spent 3+ hours just walking and some days it was 5+ hours but the little ones never complained once!  They fell in love with the area like I did!

Here are just a FEW pictures from the Oberammergau trip!


Over the next few weeks I will do individual posts about a few key places that we visited throughout the week.

We had a GREAT time and really wish my husband had more conferences in places like this so we could tag along with him!

Now today’s question…..

If you could plan a conference for work, where would you want the location to be?  Me,  New Zealand!


love kelley
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7 Responses to A Visit to…Oberammergau, Germany

  1. Diana proulx says:

    Thank you for sharing, Love to see the happiness..

  2. uh says:

    Uh, o no Germany. Chyba tylko ruskich bardziej nienawidzimy.

    • Really? What is wrong with Germany? I would love to visit Russia someday but I defiantly would not want live there.

      • Adam says:

        Do not worry about that comment, because it is extremely stupid. Aversion to Germans in some people in Poland is result of WWII and ……….. communist propaganda. Luckily, I was educated differently – my relatives who survived the war always told me not to treat the Germans bad – it was just a small group, which really freaked – rest was due to the German character …. no objections and execute orders … The paradox is that my grandfather could be killed by the Germans, and saved him … others Germans.
        Well with russia is a different situation – the Soviet Union occupied our country for forty years after WWII, but who really knows Russians know that they are great and friendly Slavs. Just communism destroyed them….

  3. uh says:

    Hey that’s just my opinion – I can have my own opinion, can’t I? It’s democracy for 23 years now. Don’t think my findings are particularly controversial. I ain’t xenofobic, but no political correctness is going to make me change my mind. Just can’t admire their architecture and their “Ordnung”, knowing what my Grandparents went through because of them. Simple as that. In fact it ain’t history yet – my Grandma is still alive, she’ll be with us during this Christmas, so don’t tell me it’s history. Maybe it’s too early even for my generation to make me “love” them. Prefer our Bydgoszcz to anything they have. Warsaw also would have been beautiful – but sadlythe city that was a second Paris before the war went through hell.

    A Ty się Adam nie podlizuj bo te blogi przypominają odkrywanie Trzeciego Świata – i to jest właśnie głupie.

  4. Adam says:

    Uh – uwierz, że to jest tylko odktywanie trzeciego świata jak patrzysz na to przez pryzmat polskiego kompleksu mniejszości – jeśli nawet tak myślisz to po co dziewczynie zaśmiecasz ten blog????

  5. Adam & Oh,

    This is one of the reasons why I love living here!! In America we learned about the war from an American prospective but living in such countries as Germany, the Netherlands and now Poland I get to see all the different sides.

    So on that note let’s agree to disagree!!! OK?
    Never a Dull Day in Poland recently posted..My Favorite Coffee Shop in Bydgoszcz, Beyrouth Cafe!My Profile

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