Paczki Day in Poland – aka National Jelly Doughnut Day!

Paczki Day in Poland – aka National Jelly Doughnut Day!

It is FAT THURSDAY in Poland today! In Poland they celebrate Fat Thursday unlike in the US were we celebrate Fat Tuesday. They eat paczki all day long(Ok not all day but they eat a LOT of them!). Paczki are jelly filled doughnuts like in the US.  A tradition paczki are filled with rose jam, not strawberry or raspberry.

Here is the collection of doughnuts that I bought from 7 different bakeries near our house to taste which one had the best!

That whole table is filled with Paczki’s!! These are from the grocery store, REAL.

These are from POLO grocery store. I could have just taken the whole crate with me!

This is part of a line for people waiting at a local bakery, SOWA to get their paczki’s.

My favorite neighborhood bakery! This was our first stop to pick up some paczki!

Now for which one had the best, well 7 bakery &  KryRaid was mine, SOWA was my husbands and one of my daughters it was REAL.  I guess it would be like comparing Krispy Kreams with Dunkin Doughnuts, they are both good in their unique ways.

Now that I got you hungry and wanting some, we guess what next Tuesday’s blog is going to be about?  How to make your own PACZKI!

Click HERE to see what I thought of last year’s Fat Thursday in Poland.

I did REALLY good today I only ate 2 paczki’s!

So for my Polish fans how many paczki’s did you eat today?


love kelley
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9 Responses to Paczki Day in Poland – aka National Jelly Doughnut Day!

  1. Julia says:

    Sowa is the best!!! :)

  2. Paweł says:

    How many? A few dozens, but I was cheating. ;-)
    I prefer mini version of pączki, just for one byte (they are slightly bigger than walnut), like these:

    They are more practical: you can eat them one by one all day (I have strong intention not to weight myself for next week!), while in case of standard pączki once you start to eat it, you have to finish eat. No filling, though. :(

    Have you tried other traditional Fat Thursday dish faworki (also known as angel wings in US)?

  3. Marcin says:

    Hi :),

    First of all… yeah – this is madness during that Fat Thursday day :). Huge lines, sweets everywhere – MADNESS :)! And you must admin – it’s difficult to resist to be a part of it, isn’t it ;)?

    Well, I ate only 1 Paczek, and just to keep the tradition (eh, special diet, flat belly – that kind of stuff :P). Nevertheless, I keep my thumbs for you, to ate the third one ;)!


  4. Adam says:

    7, I ate only 7….

  5. Joanna says:

    Sowa wins for me! I’ve always liked their paczki the most, and all the other sweets they sell ;) I wish I could get some Polish style doughnuts in here, I don’t like American doughnuts that much – they are not as fluffy and fresh tasting. But then again, maybe it’s for the best I can’t get them here ;)

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