Pizza Hut Gift Card Giveaway!… 3 Winner’s will be drawn!

I am sorry for the second post about a giveaway but I forgot to post this yesterday during my Freebie Friday but I LOVE Pizza Hut and here is a chance for you to win a Pizza Hut gift certificate.  Yes, we do have them over here in Poland so I still get me fix of American pizza.

Just and FYI for my Polish readers,  Pizza Hut here is has a great deal going on for 22zt($7) they have a basically an all you can eat pizza deal.  We ate there on Thursday night and they were bring all sorts of different types of pizza’s around filling up your empty plate!

Now for my American readers.  A fellow blogger, Been There Done that with Kat, is hosting a giveaway to celebrate her new business with Blessings Unlimited.   Click the picture below to go to her site to enter.

Good Luck!

love kelley
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3 Responses to Pizza Hut Gift Card Giveaway!… 3 Winner’s will be drawn!

  1. The pizza deal sounds great! That’s my husband and daughters favorite pizza! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in Poland! ABH

  2. dena says:

    Love Pizza Hut! Too bad we don’t have them-that I know of-in Germany! Although, I can’t complain, the Italian food is pretty darn good here!

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