Plums Poland’s National Fruit!

OK, I don’t know if plum’s are Poland’s national fruit but from my point of view I think they should be if they’re not!  Every block has at least one yard if not more that has a plum tree in it.  For the last couple of weeks at least one of the grocery stores has had plums on sale each week.  AND if you read any Polish cookbook there will be at least 5 recipes (one of mine has 20+ and where I got my Plum Cake recipe).

The other day I was looking up things to do this weekend since my husband was off to Warsaw for a church meeting.  I heard about a Plum Harvest Festival just down the road from my house so my Saturday afternoon was planned!

Saturday afternoon the little ones and I hopped in the car and off we went to find this Plum Festival.  30 minutes later we paid 2 zlotys to parked the car and off we were to learn about plums!  Well I think 75% of the booths were crafts and other food items but I was in HEAVEN!! Unfortunately this was in a small little town with no ATM nor do vendors here take credit cards here so I didn’t do as much damage I could have because I wasn’t expecting this many WONDERFUL craft vendors.  Now my husband on the other hand is doing the happy dance!

This festival is already on my 2013 calendar with a note to bring more money!!!

Here is how the kid’s and I spent a GREAT 3 hours yesterday!


What was your favorite festival to go to and why?

love kelley
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3 Responses to Plums Poland’s National Fruit!

  1. Joanna says:

    The plum festival is always a bit early for some reason, the plums are not yet at their best. You should try buying them now at some local markets and they get sweeter and sweeter. Me and my Mum were coming home with 5kg bags almost everyday for like 2 weeks last September in Bydgoszcz :P Your belly will hurt a lot but they are so delicious! ;)

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