Poland’s Best Ski Spots

Poland’s Best Ski Spots


 When you think of ski holidays, Poland may not be the first place that comes to mind. Yes, it might not compare to the French Alps or Whistler or Vail, however you’d be surprised just how thrilling the Polish slopes can be. If you’re living here, or happen to be visiting during the winter season, it’s worth bundling up and heading to the mountains for some downhill adventure. If you are considering skiing in Poland over the holidays, to help you decide where to go, here’s a selection of the top ski resorts across the country:


Poland’s most famous ski resort, Zakopane is conveniently situated just two hours from Krakow airport, in the beautiful Tatra Mountains. Whatever ski archetype you embody – wobbly novice, slalom pro, avid snowboarder or cross country loyalist – Zakopane has the terrain you’re looking for. As the country’s prominent ski resort, it also offers a wide selection of accommodation options and has quite the vibrant nightlife. For families or groups containing some non-skiers (or at least less enthusiastic skiers), Zakopane has plenty more to offer than skiing alone.

 Czarna Góra

 SKI 2

 ‘Czarna Góra’ may translate as ‘Black Mountain’ in Polish, but there’s nothing too foreboding about this ski resort. A small to medium-sized ski area in the Beskidy Mountains near the Czech border, Czarna Góra gets good snowfall and suits all skiers with a range of experience levels (it has one blue run, three red runs and three black runs). For anyone traveling to Poland from Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic, this friendly, unassuming ski area is the perfect pit stop as you continue your journey northward.


This small mountain town – known for its spas and its skiing – is one of the most picturesque places to travel in all of Poland. Based at the foot of Śnieżka Mountain, Karpacz is mostly made up of a seven-kilometre-long main street, dotted with traditional alpine buildings. The ski area accommodates all types of skiers and features a sizable 60 kilometres of ski routes (accessible from 30 different lifts). Many of the runs are illuminated so that you can keep skiing through the evening. If snow is scarce, worry not – there are artificial snow machines on hand to solve that problem as quickly as possible.


As it turns out, Poland is a surprisingly brilliant ski destination. The fact that it flies under the radar actually works to its advantage – less crowds and fewer overpriced lift tickets to deal with. Come experience the excitement of the Polish slopes for yourself (but just don’t let too many people in on the secret!).

 Are you a skier? Where is favorite place to ski?  Don’t laugh but I have never down-hill skied before! It looks like I might have to change that.

 This post was written by Natasha Lane who is a keen skier and blogger and currently living in London.

 Images by Szymon Nitka and Ainunau used under creative commons licence. This blog post was contributed by Thomson Travel Agency

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5 Responses to Poland’s Best Ski Spots

  1. Scott R. Lucado says:

    Any idea what lift tickets go for? Here in the States, half the cost is liability insurance, so of course they’re expensive as all get-out. I hear a ticket at Vail is now $140–which is what, about 500 zloty?

    Give downhill a try. I didn’t take it up till I was in my 30′s and went to work for American Airlines. Totally fell in love with it, and only stopped when I had a bad knee injury (not from skiing; slipped while walking and tore my patella tendon; spent 4 months in a wheelchair).

  2. Tomasz says:

    Well, Zakopane is not under the radar – it’s famous resort in Poland and Russia, a lot of Russians there in the winter. If you go to Zakopane, you may expect heavy crowd and high prices.

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