Polish Army Day Holiday.

Today here in Poland is the Polish Army Day.  Why do they have a holiday for the Army?   The Battle of Warsaw in 1920 is remembered on this day.  The day is also the Day of Assumption for many religions as well.

The Warsaw Battle, fought on 12-25 August 1920, during the war between Poles and the Bolsheviks, is considered a breakthrough in the history of the world. It was decisive not only for the of Poland, but it also protected the entire Europe from the spread of communism and soviet totalitarianism.  I am learning more and more the influences the Polish people and military had in many of the different wars more than I ever read in any history book.

To celebrate the day, military churches hold services on behalf of soldiers, who have fallen and readings of the roll of the dead take place in cemeteries. The Change of Guards takes place before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw among many other activities.

Do you have any family members who have served in the war?  I have had 2 uncles, 1 grandfather, and 1 husband who have served in the military.  Click HERE to learn more about my grandfather’s service during WWII.

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  1. Hello – I thought I’d pop in for a quick visit when I saw that you had Liked my FB Page this evening and see who you are and what you’re about! Nice article about your holiday today… I do like history – learning about other countries – Daddy (WWII) and my brother (Viet Nam) served in the Air Force – and my son is a Marine Captain (USNA ’05), having recently returned from Afghanistan… So, I know a tad about our Armed Forces. It’s nice to meet you! Visit my blog sometime and perhaps we will ‘meet’ again… I was a Flight Attendant in the ’70s and I’ve visited many countries around the world, but not Poland. Bye for now – ;-}

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