“Artichoke” Polish Ribbon Easter Decorating

As I mentioned yesterday, I love how the Polish people here decorate Easter eggs here!

2 weeks ago a few friends and I got together once again to learn a traditional craft here that is done during Easter and Christmas. This is done with folding ribbons and pinning them on styrofoam balls and eggs. Here in Poland it is called “Karczoch” and when you translate that it is “Artichoke.”  I guess when you look at them it does resemble and artichoke. I have never seen this like of crafting before until we moved here 2 years ago. I like how it looks and wanted to learn how to do it, so when we were thinking of something to do this month together I thought of this!

So here is a step by step guide on how to do “Artichoke” Polish Ribbon Easter Decorating…


Here is what you need..1 Styrofoam egg in what ever size you want(I used on has big as my hand), ribbon with whatever colors you want to use(key here is using a quality ribbon that folds easily), sequins and most importantly straight pins LOTS of them! I used 24mm in length ones.


These were the lovely ladies who taught us how to make them. LOTS of years experience between them all making them. The gentlemen in the back is the village mayor and the lady in the pink is his wife who helps oversee the community center ladies group.


First step is to cut a 1 inch piece of ribbon and pin all 4 corners on the top center of the egg.


Do it again the opposite direction.


Just slightly push a pin in the middle just you know where the middle exactly is for the next part.


Now cut LOTS of 3 inch(8mm) ribbon pieces!


Time to make your first one triangle. As you can see you want to fold down your sides to form the triangle. You want the crease side on the inside where you will not see it. This is where quality ribbon comes into play because if you are able to make creases that hold then it will make it easier to pin them on the egg. You just pin each of the bottom corners. Try to pin them as low and as close to the corners as you can as it will make the next layer easier(not speaking from experience of course).


You repeat this 3 more times for the first layer. The corners of the triangles should be touching each other to form a nice line. The reason for the pin being put there in the middle, is that all 4 triangles should be touching it. As you can still see my green ribbon underneath so mine 4 are defiantly not perfect!  You can take the pin out now.


Now onto the second layer! You form more triangles and pin them in the middle where the previous triangles met.


Now you just keep going down always going in the middle of the 2 triangles on the previous layer.


Everyone hard at work!


Well, can you tell I am having some trouble?  One of the ladies teaching us came up to me and started shacking her head and took my egg.


Her she is hard at work fixing my mess!


Can you tell she has been doing this for years? She fixed my mess in no time.


To tell how sweet these ladies were, not only did they teach us out of the kindness of their hearts, one of the ladies even made us cheesecake. Halfway through our egg it was perfect timing to take a break and eat a piece.


Time to get back to work and cut some more ribbon.


My mess is fixed, time to get back to work. When doing your layers this picture shows you better how to place your triangles. When you get to the middle of the egg you can cut your ribbons a bit bigger to make the triangles bigger.


I think I am finally finished with my yellow ribbon. Now on to the next color.


My next color green, so more ribbon cutting.


Now the first layer of the green ones.


Next layer of ribbon on.


I am FINALLY finished!! When you have a little hole exposed, time for the last step.


Cut a piece of ribbon just slightly bigger then the hole. Fold the ends in so you have a smooth edge and then pin all 4 corners once again.


Do it again the opposite direction.


Main part is done! Now just push it down slightly to help it stand up.


Since I am making a duck I need to cut a piece of red for the beak and the feathers on top.


Just a fold over and pin one piece of top for the feather.


Add a couple of sequins for eyes. Then I folded another piece in a half circle form the beak and pinned with several pins to hold it in place.


I think I am done, 2 1/2 hours later!

To be honest these are really not that hard to make but very time consuming until you figure out the folding part of this.  By hour #2 I was actually figuring it out pretty good.

There are so many different ways you can make your eggs, here are a few sample ones that they had to show us inspirations for our eggs.

Are these not lovely?

Are these not lovely?  Some day I will be this good!

So you are ready to give this Polish craft a try?

love kelley
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  1. I love this!! Such a cute idea and do fancy! I imagine they must have competitions with the eggs in Poland… People could get really creative. Your ducky is precious!

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