A Morning At One of the Local Polish Orphanages.

A morning at one of the local Polish orphanages was one of the highlights of living here in Bydgoszcz this year.  I am currently the Chairperson for a Spouses Club and over the last year we have been doing different fundraisers throughout the year like a charity dinner and coffee mornings to raise money for different charities that we voted for in the beginning of the year.  One charity was a local orphanage here in town.

Well to say “Thank You” to us they wanted to host one of our month coffee mornings.  Being the last coffee morning of the year not only did we get treated to GREAT coffee and cookies, we also had a special surprise of the kids singing and doing a skit for us.  But the BEST part of the whole morning was presenting the orphanage coordinator with their portion of the zlotys we raised over the past couple of months.  I do not think I have been hugged that hard or had that many kisses in a VERY LONG time!

Here are a few pictures of the morning………

The table set beautifully for us.

Lots of women means lots of talking!

The kids waiting patiently for their turn to do their part in the show!

One of the kids hugging his caregiver!


This little angel sang a song to us about how much she loved her doll.

Puppet time!

Here I am being hugged by the orphanage coordinator. I gave here 3,470 zlotys that the club had raised for them over the last few months.

Getting a tour of the facility.

One of the bedrooms for the older children.

This poor kids has chickenpox, so he playing with one of the caregivers his bedroom. ;(

One of the groups of kids showing us their projects that they were working on.

When one of these kids comes up to us and puts up their hands to be picked up, you can’t but help but pick them up. But when they smile, you can’t help but smile big like this back!

One of the girls just busy away coloring.

The kids storage boxes.

The playroom for the little toddlers ones.

One of the baby rooms. They were taking naps when we went through.

The baby playroom.

 This past year it has been amazing to work with this orphanage and the Spouses Club.  It is great knowing that the money we have raised help these children go on a field trip to Malbrook Castle, paid for art supplies, paid for cleaning supplies and now with this money they are going to purchasing new furniture for the kids.

What is your favorite childhood toy that you played with?  Mine,  I would say was my Raggedy Ann doll.

love kelley
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17 Responses to A Morning At One of the Local Polish Orphanages.

  1. barb says:

    i love this post! i literally have tears in my eyes reading this! you made someone happy! way to go,girl!

  2. Hi Kelley! I have some friends in Portugal who were winners in the Expat Blogs Awards, and found your blog in the winners post. I’m not an expat myself, but have a Polish Dad and family living in Poland, so it’s always of interest to me. I live in the north east of England, but have a home in the Algarve, and as the name implies, spread myself around as much as I can. Nice to meet you and congrats.
    Johanna Bradley recently posted..Sunday Post : PeacefulMy Profile

  3. betty says:

    First time visiting your blog; absolutely loved this entry of yours. What a wonderful thing to be part of to help with the orphanage. All the little ones looked so adorable; you’d want to adopt each and every one if they were available to adopt. Glad you could help out with such an event!!

    betty recently posted..passwordMy Profile

  4. Daniela says:

    Loved reading your blog! I am living in South Africa and married to a Polish man. We do not have any children of our own. Do you have any suggestions as to who we can contact regarding the adoption of a Polish child?
    Thanks so, so, so much,

    • Daniela,

      I am glad you are enjoying my blog! I have a few friends from South Africa and when I see how pretty their pictures are, I would to visit there someday!!

      As for adoption, your best bet would be to contact a local adoption agency where you live. Every country has different procedures that need to be followed. We are looking adopting here 2 older children and as Americans we have to go through an adoption agency in the US. And then with that there are only 3 adoption agencies that work with Poland. We can only work with 1 adoption agency here directly since we are US but with the way the rules are here we are not sure if even want to try this by ourselves!

  5. Bridgette Soha says:

    Hello, I jus stumbled across your blog and was wondering how I could get involved in something like that.
    I am an American currently traveling Europe. My Grandpa is Polish American. I am actually in Poland right now visiting family close to Krakow.
    I have been looking into volunteer programs with children.
    I had moslty been looking in Kenya and other African countries but would love to be able to volunteer in Poland where I have roots :)

    • Bridgette,

      Welcome! As for how to volunteer at place like this that is a great question. Without you living here I am not sure if it is possible. I would recommend you look at Peace Corps or other volunteer groups that organize things like this. As Poland as Visa requirements if you are going to stay a long time.

      I hope you enjoy your staying Poland!

  6. hi, I am of Polish decent and have always wanted to sponser a Polish family or child in an orphanage, I at present sponser a Laos family, but wish to do the same for a polish family or orphan. Do you know of or have contact with families in Poland, that may need assistance or how would I go about sponsering an orphan. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated, loved your blog and the photo’s, regards from down under in Australia, Krys

  7. Mark Kirchhoefer says:

    Love the post. My son is working on his Eagle Project for Boy Scouts. We are in the US military living in Germany. He is interested in collecting items for a worthy organization – perhaps this orphanage would be a good place to donate to? We could collect clothing, school supplies, hygiene items, etc. If you think this might work, could you please pass on contact information for this location and we will contact them to investigate further.

  8. Harry says:

    Hi, We are a family of four coming from the US to visit Krakow for a week this month. We have a two suitcase allowance each, so we can fill the extra bags with supplies for the orphanage. Can you give me contact information so that I may coordinate with them and bring what they most need? Thanks! Harry

    • Harry,

      I can’t speak for Krakow orphanages but the one here LOVES personal hygiene items, craft supplies and underwear. They do not need clothes typically as they get enough here from donations. Bydgoszcz is not close to Krakow are you planning on driving up here as it is about 8 hour drive too here?

  9. Harry says:

    Hi, We won’t be able to head that way. Our itinerary takes us from Krakow to Wroclaw and on to Berlin. I will try to locate a Krakow orphanage. Thank you! Harry

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