Time to Cook…Polish Poppy Seed Cake with Stripes (Makowiec w Paski)

Easter here in Poland means eating some form of poppy-seed cake called Makowiec (the typical one is just like a jelly rolled caked filled with poppy-seed filling).  Almost every grocery store and bakery here in town has them for sale now.  Some a pretty and some not so pretty but all taste delicious I am sure.

When I had the perogie making party they also wanted to learn to make a typical Polish desert.  Well if you know me I don’t like to do anything normal, I have to add my own spin to everything, so we made Polish poppy-seed cake with stripes from a recipe that I got from one of my favorite recipe magazines, Kulinarne Hity.  Imagine a giant poppy-seed cinnamon roll thing but that is a cake.  It is easy and tastes delicious!

poppy seed cake

Enough talking, time to start baking….


Here is what you will need ….
500g  (2c) flour
30g fresh yeast OR 1/2 oz of active dry yeast
80g (1c)sugar
250ml (1c) lukewarm milk
1 egg yolk
100g (1/2 c) butter
pinch of salt

Now here is my twist compared to the original recipe..on the left I bought pre-made poppy-seed filling.  All you have to do it open the can and dump it on.  Now for many of you will not have easy access to canned filling so here is how to make it yourself. (like me not being able to get pumpkin pie filling here in Poland!)  :(

You take 1 pound of ground poppy seeds, 1 cup of sugar & 3/4 cup of softened butter and beat them all together and set aside.

Google translate.

This is my life here in Poland when trying out new recipes from these magazines I get here…translating them on Google Translate website.

They us fresh yeast here, so weighing it critical.

They use fresh yeast here, so weighing it is very important if you are using fresh yeast.

Mix yeast and sugar together.

Mix yeast and 1 Tbsp of the sugar together.


Add warm milk to mixture and stir.


Now add some flour until is resembles the thickness of sour cream. Now cover and let rise.


It is done rising!

Now add remaining flour, sugar, egg yolk, and vanilla and mix together.

To the yeast mixture now add remaining flour, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla and melted butter .


Mix all together to form a ball.


Now knead the dough thoroughly and leave to rise again (about 30 minutes)


Once the dough has risen, roll into a square that is 11×17.


Once the rolled out, spread the poppy seed filling over the entire area.


Cut into 5cm(2 in) strips.


Roll the strips up starting in the center.  Keeping adding the strips on the outside.


Place on a greased baking pan.


Now keeping add the strips around until finished.


We are finished! Now let rise for about 15 minutes.  Now bake in a 170 C (340 F) degree oven for 45 minutes.


It is done! Make sure the center in done before removing. Mine was not so I had to cook for additional 8 minutes.


For quick glaze, you just need milk, powered sugar and vanilla. Yes, that is lactose free milk as one of us is lactose intolerant.


I don’t measure this, I just take a 1/2 cup or so of powered sugar and then add hint of vanilla and then add enough milk until I get the consistency I want.


Now just drizzle the frosting over the cooled cake and you are ready to eat!

Does this not look yummy?  This yet another recipe that has been added to my favorite Polish recipe book!

As I am overwhelmed with all the recipes that I could do and they all look GREAT, so I need your help.  What recipes are you wanting to know how to do either Polish recipes but with American ingredients or American recipes with Polish ingredients? Let me know by leaving comment on what I should next!

love kelley
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  1. Making Makowiec has been on my list, but when it’s just hubby and I at home, it’s hard to make a giant pastry for us! :-) This weekend for Easter, I’m going to make Zurek from scratch. I bought the zurek “starter” in a bottle at my little market so hopefully it works. Yay!

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