Ranch dressing is here in Poland

A few weeks ago my favorite grocery store chain here in town, Lidl, was having “American Week” special.  They were selling all sorts of foods that are “American” in their eyes.  Now this is not the first time they have done this.  2 years ago was my first experience with their “American Week” and even now I still giggle at some of the products they are selling.


So here are a few of the goodies.

Microwave popcorn in not very popular here in Poland compared to the US.  But this one was a “sweet” version and was AMAZING!  I think we ate the whole box in one weekend. Yes, you can get peanut butter here year round but that week the price was good as it expensive over here.  The mini brownies reminded me of Little Debbie brownies from the US.  Now I cannot remember seeing Ketchup Mayo french fry shaped chips in the US but my kids sure liked them.


Now the frozen food selection.

We are HUGE Hawaiian pizza fans and we were all over these.  The prawns are something they have every sale and my oldest daughter loves them. Now cookie dough ice cream is something that you do not find here and we had to get a few of these.  All most as good as Ben & Jerry’s from back in the US.  The pepper wrap that was unique to say the least.


Now my kids favorites for the week! Ranch dressing is here in Poland.

Ranch dressing is another thing you don’t find here either and you can’t eat carrots and salads without it. Just a few bottles came home with me that day.  The brownie cake was something new and well, make sure you have a glass of milk with you if eat it as it was rich!!  Now kids favorite thing out of everything, American style snack box.


Yep, American food at it’s finest! Onion rings, mozzarella cheese sticks and chili cheese nuggets.  Yes, once again earning the “Mother of the Year” award for having this for a quick dinner one night along with the shrimp!

Living in Poland now for 2 years, I am not missing my American groceries as much as I used to but there are the little things like ranch salad dressing that I do still miss. But luckily there are things like that week’s promotion that make life a little bit easier here in Poland.

What food can you not live without? Me, chocolate in any form but luckily I can find it in every country!

love kelley
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4 Responses to Ranch dressing is here in Poland

  1. Scott Jones says:

    That range is about as American as the USSR my darling. None of it is made in the USA and, if you inspect the ingredients well, quite frankly my dear, I would never feed it to children, let alone consume it oneself. The meat % is simply shocking I tell thee. In the UK it is only the exceedingly poor and/or nutrionally uneducated who shop in Lidl due to the low quality. Have you an Alma locally?

    • Scott,

      I think I am going to have to disagree with you on this one. Our Lidl’s is AWESOME they have the best produce compared to most stores here and prices cannot be beat. The same goes with their meats, as they are the only ones that I buy my poultry from as they are the only store I have not gotten slimy chicken from. Yes we have an Alma on the other side of town and yes the products are good but to me the prices for most of it is crazy expensive but they do have a lot of specialty items that I like so I do go there occasionally. Maybe it is a UK thing that Lidl is poor quality food but flour is flour, a egg is a egg, a banana is a banana and well when the tortilla’s are half the price and fresher compared to anywhere else, I am going to shop there.

  2. That is so funny! We live in England and although I haven’t experienced an “American products sale”… they do have a couple of shelves of “American Products”… several of those things we SOOOO do NOT eat!!! For example, there are these hot dog looking things in a jar full of slime… labeled as “American Hotdogs”. Gross! But most of it is highly processed crud, like Pop Tarts and Sugary Cereals for 5x the price you would get it in the U.S.
    We have been living in England for 9 months now and although I miss some foods, we have had quite the success making our own copycat recipes… Olive Garden salad dressing, Pizza Hut breadsticks, orange chicken, etc… at least we are improving our cooking skills here. :) LOL.

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