And the Search Continues

If my oldest daughter and I do not kill each other I will be completely amazed!

Yes, we are still trying to find the perfect prom dress for the up coming Prom here in a few months.  Yes, it is another country and yes, she already has a date she has already informed me! WHAT?

How do you have a date already??? Well you know “D” my unofficial Homecoming date?  He kind of asked me if I wanted to go with him if I am able to make it back.

No pressure for us parents now huh?  So we are still looking for the perfect dress if we are able to travel arrangements for her, since it is looking like the Ryan Airlines that flew almost directly there, will no be flying there anymore as of the end of April, UUGGHH! That itself is another blog post.

  We found a few dresses locally but they are not the one in “L’s” eyes.  Part of the issue for finding the perfect dress is dress standards our family tries to follow (we are human so we do make mistakes) that our church has in place for us.  We do not wear clothing that leave our shoulder’s exposed.  There should be at a minimum cap sleeves. The dress should pass the finger tip test.  What is the finger tip test? The dress or shorts have to longer then when you put your hands down on your sides. Unfortunately, that is not how most Prom dress are made now a days, modest and Prom do not mix very well but we trying!

We think though we have it narrowed down to the final 3 dresses(we think)!  Because the price is right we are going to be ordering it from a online dress shop as there are plenty of modest dresses to choose from!

dress 1

Her favorite

dress 2

Her other favorite

dress 3

My favorite and her’s kind of.

And the search continues for us and the perfect Prom dress but hopefully sooner than letter we will have a dress ordered for her!

Which 1 of the 3 are your favorite?

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love kelley
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One Response to And the Search Continues

  1. Kim says:

    They are all great- but I’d have to go with the show-stopper red one! How fun to shop for prom dresses with your daughter! Have fun!

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