Slovakian Hospitality and Food!

 Last weekend we were invited over to a friend’s house so ours kids could play together and us parents could hang out and talk.  The family we visited is from Slovakia.  What made this play-date even more special is that they went and showed us traditional Slovakian customs and some AMAZING food.

A traditional Slovakian greeting when going into someone’s house is that they greet you with bread and salt to represent they are giving everything they have to say thank you for coming to our house.

When we walked into their apartment the smell was AMAZING!! And here is why…..

Our first course of Slovakian food…Sulance. One was made with poppy seeds and the other with a walnut sauce. DELICIOUS!!!

I think was my daughter’s 3rd round of serving herself more of the Sulance. I know what Jana will be teaching me to cook at our next cooking club lesson.

Round two of food…cheese spread and bread. The name of one is Bryndza and is made with lamb cheese, butter and paprika and the other one is made with garlic, butter and cheese. In the middle was an apple, celery and grape salad. These were AMAZING so there will be a blog post on how to make these in the near future!

The 3rd and final round, homemade cake!!! Reminded me a lot of the pound cake my grandmother use to make.

The BEST part of the whole afternoon/evening was watching and listening to the girls play with each other. My girls were speaking a combination of Polish and English and her daughter was doing the same. Here they are playing name that country in Polish and in English.

Days like this is one of the many reasons why we LOVE living over, experiencing all the different cultures and traditions that we would have normally just read about in a book.

So, to my dear Slovakian family(I know they read my blog) THANK YOU for your hospitality during our AMAZING afternoon/evening!

love kelley
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3 Responses to Slovakian Hospitality and Food!

  1. Sandra says:

    Wow… I didn’t know Slovaks have the same tradition; greeting with bread and salt. It’s also old Polish tradition, but today we only do this at the begining of every wedding when wedding couple come to weddin party :)

  2. I absolutely ADORE foreign food. I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of trying some Slovakian food, but that’s going on my must-try list along with your Holland pancake things ^.^

    What a lovely sounding play date for both children AND adults!
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