Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung here in Poland not just with plants starting to show leaves, my tulips are coming up but according to the calendar it says spring is officially here.  The first day of spring here is a big deal in the school’s.  At the school last week they put together a spring assembly where kids sang songs, read some poems and even had a little dance.

“A” was out sick all last week but this assembly meant that much to her that we still showed up for the 30 minute assembly, just sat why in the back. Part of it too is that “E” was doing a dance during the assembly and was so excited to performing with her friends.


Few of the 1st grade girls reciting in something in Polish. They spoke so fast I was having a hard time understanding them but luckily “A” was sitting next to me along with another classmate who translated for me.


Time for a few songs.


Not sure what this song was all about but all I understood was frog and stork throughout entire song.


It is also a Polish tradition to do these straw people and girls wearing these flower crowns.


Let the dancing begin. Click HERE to go to the YouTube clip to see they in action dancing to “Hey Baby”


This was “A’s” poster she made for the assembly. Wiosna means spring in Polish.

Now here is to praying that we don’t get a freak snow storm because it did happen last year!

Did you do school assemblies as a kid?  Christmas ones where always big when I grew up.

love kelley
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