Our Local Street Fair!

The 2 little one’s and I went headed down to a street fair that was being held here today since the hubby had to work and the weather beautiful here!

We have been to a few fairs since we have been here but what I find fun is that each one is different from the last one.

Today’s adventure was just a small one.  Dworcowa street is located downtown here  with some cute shops and restaurants on it.  Today’s fair was organized by the small merchants and some local services on this street.  They had different dance performance, show cars, martial arts defense, emergency medical services, and preventive examinations and of course food!!  Many of the different stores also offered discounts for shopping.

Here are a few pictures from today!

Also here is a video of those great dancers, just click the link below.

 Bydgoszcz Street Fair Dancers

So what is your favorite fair food?  

Mine here in Poland is the smoked cheese!

love kelley
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2 Responses to Our Local Street Fair!

  1. I’m not going to lie, that smoked cheese sounds and looks amazing! ^.^ No wonder it’s your favorite fair food!

    Here in the US, I think I’d opt for an elephant ear! Although the fair food is the biggest reason I love fairs :)

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