Swimming lessons come to an end!

This week there have been lots of endings for the girls!  They ended school, they ended art class and now they ended swimming lessons, so let summer vacation begin!!

Our Saturday mornings consisted of me waking up early getting the girls up and ready for swimming lessons.  I think this was the highlight of the week for them.  Not only are they in water they were with friends, the perfect combination.  Oh, and then you throw in TERRIFIC instructors, it does not get any better!  These 5 instructors kept the girls moving over the 50 minutes of lessons it was fun but nonstop.  But luckily after lessons there was 10 minutes of free time.

So for the last lesson they had some fun with the kids!


Train time!


Oops, we came unhitched.


Yep, I think she is having fun!


Another group racing against each other.


And that is my daughter with her butt hanging out so she can use her hands to go faster.


I do not want to get out of the pool!!




Certificate time!  Did I mention what a GREAT group of instructors they are?


A getting her medal.


E getting her medal.


Oops they left some toys behind!


The kids saying goodbye to the instructor.

If you happen to be in the Bydgoszcz area and need swimming lessons, I would highly recommend them!!!  How do I know that they are that good of instructors?  In my previous life before moving to Poland, in the USA, I was a national swimming instructor trainer for the YMCA and lifeguard instructor as well as swim teach coach.  Then when I lived in The Netherlands (Holland) I also help coach a swim team there.  Those were the best jobs I have ever had and boy do I miss them!


Here is their contact information!

So to our WONDERFUL swimming instructors thank you for the great year we had and look forward to seeing you next fall!

What is your favorite stroke to swim? Mine, breaststroke!

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love kelley
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