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Pyszne.pl & Giveaway

I will be the first to admit that at times I am lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. I love the thought of calling up a local restaurant to deliver dinner to our house.  But wait, I don’t speak … Continue reading

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Who’s hungry for some PapaGrande

Well I mentioned all the weight I have gained while living here and one of the reason’s why was because of the GOOD restaurants here.  One of the restaurants is called PapaGrande. Patryk has come a friend of mine over … Continue reading

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Hot dog pizza anyone?

Several weeks ago one of the local grocery store chains “Lidl” had America week.  In THIS previous post I talked about some of the goodies they have during their “America” week. Well for dinner it was clean out the freezer … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Heard of Caramel Popcorn Yogurt?

 Have you ever heard of caramel popcorn yogurt?  Or how about chocolate muffin yogurt? Me either, until last week!  It was once again American Week here in Poland at our local Lidl grocery store.  So yet again just like the … Continue reading

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American Pizza in Poland?

My family and I are huge pizza fans, we LOVE pizza!!  And just like any other  country there are lots of pizza restaurants here in Poland to choose from. What I find the most fun when going into different pizza … Continue reading

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