Taste Club in Poland

One of the perks of living in Poland (or overseas in general) is trying out new food!  From all of our travels while living here in Europe one of the things I remember the most from all different places are the fun and unique food we have tried.

Who doesn’t like to eat out especially when you can get it at 25%-50% off?  Taste Club in Poland is this AMAZING discount dining program where I can try fun and unique restaurants and not break my bank account.

What is Taste Cub?  It is a membership club discount card.

With membership in this program you get from 25 to 50% discount on food at hundreds of restaurants in Poland.  You get 25% discount on alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in restaurants, pubs and bars.  You can save from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per year depending how much you like to eat out.


One of the places you can use the card…Papa Grande and eat his delicious pizza where it is 2 for the price of 1 or any other of his food selections.

taste club papagrande

Not a bad deal.


Another place you can use it…Diner 52 and get some good ole’ American hamburgers.


For this trip a few weeks ago it was “A’s” birthday dinner so we splurged and tried their apple pie. While in the US I don’t think I ever remember apple pie with chocolate sauce on it (a slice of cheese yes)but it was still good.


Diner 52 discount is 25% off their entire menu including beverages. As you can see by this receipt we saved a quite a bit on this dinner.

The best part of this card is that it is not just good for 19 different restaurants here in Bydgoszcz but a total of 334 restaurants throughout Poland.

Participating Restaurants offer one of the following discounts:


50% discount on food

means you receive a 50% discount on food ordered (drinks / alcohol payable 100%)


2 for 1 course

means the rebate in the form of a second course free of charge, on request of two different dishes; offers cheaper dish or dish at the same price. Discount does not include drinks / alcohol.



25% discount on all items in the MENU

means to receive a 25% discount on items ordered (includes all items from the menu)

How awesome is this program? If I can save some money then why not!

Now do I have convinced you should join this program if you live here in Poland or even if you are coming here to holiday?

Membership is normally 299 zlotys per year but if you type in this code “kod300″ your price will be just 99 zlotys for a year membership.  Yes, I am able to offer you a 200 zlotys discount! Depending how often you eat out and how big of a family you have, you will pay for your card as quick as 3 means as long as 6 meals.

To learn more about this great restaurant discount program click HERE or click their sponsor ad on the right.

What is your favorite type of restaurant to eat out at?  I LOVE Chinese but I have yet to find a good one here. :(

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.  For more information read my Media Kit.

love kelley
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