That was a Quick Volleyball Game!

That was a Quick Volleyball Game!

Last night was one of the last home volleyball games for Bydgoszcz’s KS Palac team regular season.  We once again went out and supported our home team and fellow American now adopted daughter Rachael Adams!

Unfortunately the game was a quick with a score 0-3!  They did not play their best game but not their worst either!

We had a fun time once again cheering the teams and enjoying the crowd.

So who is going to catch one of the official team balls?

We got this one!

She makes it look so easy to jump like that.

We got a point!

Going for the block!

I think we started a trend with homemade signs!

Rachael trying to get herself up after diving for the ball.

Going for the spike!

Oh, the fan section! It is never a dull day sitting with them.

Our little one showing her support for Miss Rachael(that is what she calls her).

Kind of a lop sided game but it was still good.

Time for the fan wave!

The whole team is in on this one, it must have been one heck of a time-out.

A few of the fans waiting for autographs and pictures with the players at the end of the game.

Well it is also Super Bowl night in the USA!!!   And guess what?  I get to watch on Polish television all the way over here!  I don’t think we will see the commercials which it is the best part to me. ;( 

So do you watch the Super Bowl for the game or the commercials?

love kelley
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