The Battle of the Rachael’s (or is it Rachel’s?)

It is hard to believe but volleyball season is almost finished here in Poland!  The regular season finished 2 weeks ago and last week started the Polish Cup and in a few  weeks the ORLEN league championship tournament will start.

First off, I never imagined 6 months ago I would be doing a blog post about women’s professional  volleyball(I had not been to a volleyball game in 21 years!).  Second, that we would be gaining another member in our family and that she would be all nervous to bring a guy home to meet “the parents.” Lastly, that over the last few months that we have met some WONDERFUL people because of it, a Turkish professional basketball player, American Olympic silver medalist, an Australian volleyball player(who I could listen to her speak for hours, I love her accent!), other Americans living right here in Bydgoszcz, and lastly some AMAZING Polish people as well from the CRAZY fan club the team has(thanks Ewa and Malgosia keeping us informed of what is going on with the team)!

Well last night was one of the last few home games that we will get to see for the season.  We lost 1-3 to Sopot, but it was a fun game.  We had the battle of the fan sections which was great to listen too!  And the other fun part of the night was we got to meet Rachel Rourke, a player from the other team.  She is from Australia but went to university in Oregon in the US so she and the hubby had a lot in common.  Our Rachael introduced us to this Rachel(confused yet?) after the game and we talked so long they started turning off the lights on us!  She is instantly fit in with us as one of our daughters and her playing Angry Birds on the tablet in a matter of minutes!

OK enough talking let’s look at some pictures from last nights game….

Oops! I think that one got away.

Just a wee bit of height difference. Can guess which one is the middle and which one is the Libro? (OK 5 months ago I didn’t even know what a Libro was, CRAZY!!)

Holy Cow, that is one heck of a serve, Rachel! I do not not want to be at the other end of that ball.

The fans last night!

My new favorite picture that have taken of Rachael!

Someone is just a bit excited!

Do you think she is not feeling to well? But she would not stay home because she did not want to miss seeing Miss Rachael!

These were some COOL shoes!!

The Battle of the Rachael’s (or is it Rachel’s?)

The new Rachel playing Angry Birds with the girls!

Another fun night was had here in Bydgoszcz!  Hopefully Saturday’s volleyball in Sopot will have a little better outcome for the home team.

If you could play any Olympic sport which one would you play?  Me, ping-pong!


love kelley
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