The Honest Co. Giveaway!

I’m so excited to bring you another “Super Events” Giveaway! This giveaway is hosted by Full Price? Never! with contributing blogger CuzinLogic.

Just in time for EARTH DAY! This week we are happy to introduce you to

The Honest Co.!

Meet The Honest Co: Launched in January 2012, The Honest Company offers an eco-friendly line of family essentials (diapers and wipes, bath and body care, and household cleaners) through a monthly subscription service at Created by parents for parents, The Honest Company is committed to making safer products more convenient, beautiful, and affordable and to providing exceptional family support that promotes health, happiness and community.

Learn more about the The Honest Co:Facebook, Twitter

Personal Review: Heather from Full Price? Never! had the pleasure of trying the first months collection of items, pictured below. Here are her thoughts ”I was immediately intrigued by The Honest Company as soon as a friend told me about them. As a parent I try to make as many healthy choices for my children as possible but I still take into account price and convenience and how well the products work. These reasons are what made The Honest Co so tempting to me. I love the idea of buying safe products, delivered right to my door automatically for a great price. When you receive your shipment from The Honest Co. it feels like you just experienced something fun… not that you just bought some household necessities. The package is adorable, {there I said it} and the shipping material is too! The products themselves are created so that you want to have them up on the counter in your kitchen or laundry room. You don’t want them hiding in a closet… they are pretty and functional. I used all of the products below and found them all to be of high quality and they delivered the results promised… which is why you buy them in the first place! Two of my daughters have very sensitive skin, but we still need to have clean clothes so I was interested to see how effective on both sides {gentle and clean well} the laundry soap would be… and it was a winner! Although I didn’t try the diapers, I really want to. I love that they are “plant based, ultra absorbant and fashionable” and maybe that they would ship me a whole month at a time right to my door automatically so I never run out {not that I’m saying that’s ever happened}. I love the way Jessica Alba explains in this video how important it is that we know what is in the products we use on our kids and make responsible choices.”

Here’s the great part! The Honest Co. is providing this awesome prize for one lucky reader: A 3-month subscription of The Honest Company Family Essentials The first month’s bundle will include the following five products: Honest Shampoo, Body Lotion, Hand Soap, Healing Balm and Laundry Detergent. But for the other two months, you can choose any five products you like from the entire 14-product body care and cleaning line including Auto Dish Detergent, Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Bubble Bath and Surface Cleaner. All products are non-toxic and made in the USA using all-natural and organic ingredients.

Retail value approximately $110 This giveaway starts at 12:01am April 16th and ends at 11:59pm April 22nd EARTH DAY {est}! Must be aged 18 or older and live in the contiguous US to be eligible to win. Enter on the Rafflecopter Form Below! GOOD LUCK!a Rafflecopter giveaway

love kelley
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5 Responses to The Honest Co. Giveaway!

  1. I am thrilled that these products are all non-toxic!

  2. judy gregory says:

    you can personalize your choices monthly

  3. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I would love to try the honest detergent, body wash and sunscreen. These are all items I have seen my kids have a rash from so I would love to see how these products work. Espcially with summer we will need sunscreen.

  4. I learned this:
    “Are your products tested on animals?

    No. The Honest Company has signed PETA’s Statement of Assurance, which states that we “do not conduct, contract out, or fund studies on animals in the development, manufacturing, testing, or marketing of our products, nor do we intend to do so.” We are a licensee of PETA’s cruelty-free logo (which will soon be featured on our site and product labels) and will soon be listed on PETA’s website as well as in their Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers. In addition, The Honest Company supports the development and adoption of alternative, cruelty-free methods of safety testing.”
    This makes me VERY happy!!!

  5. I was unable to like the post for some reason, but I tried and took the points. Here is what happened when I hit the button:
    “Like Be the first of your friends to like this. · Error”
    Just posting this as I am not cheating…this was beyond my control. Thanks for not penalizing me!

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