The week before college finals!

2 weeks ago I was driving down the road and stopped at a red light and this is what walked up to my window….

then I drove a bit further down the road and had these people come up to me…

They were all asking me for money!  So I gave them a few zloty for having the guts to dress up and asks for money.  So of course I had to get on the phone to one of my Polish friends and ask them what they heck is going on it town.  Well what it is, is that the week before university finals there is no school for them.  The students are allowed to go to the streets and ask for money.  Some say that they are using it to help pay for rent and others outright say they are going to use it on beer.  So over the week we saw lots of kids dressed up.  Some just wore a mask while others went and put a lot of effort into their costumes.  So as the week progressed I got wiser, the better the costume the more money they got from me and if they did not even try they got a big fat zero from me.

Here are few more pictures from the week…

So if you were to dress up and do this what would you dress up as?

Me, I would have to say Raggedy Ann.

love kelley
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One Response to The week before college finals!

  1. Joy Lohse says:

    That depends … what would get me the most money? ;)

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