Time to Cook…Easy Horseradish & Beet Relish (Cwikla Latwa)

One of the neat things about living a foreign country is getting to experience the different holidays and the traditions that go with them.  With Easter being not long ago meant cooking the typical Easter dinner.  I always add a some sort of typical food from the country we live in the menu.  So for this dinner I tried my hand at making “Cwikla Latwa.”  We love pickled beets here in our house as I grew up eating them and making them, so they are a staple in our house.  Then when I found out horseradish is added, I knew I had to try it.  My father growing up loaded his ham with horseradish and I a not as much as a fan as he is.  He always says it is good horseradish if it burns your nose hairs.


There are several different recipes out there to make this but I found this one in one of my Polish cookbooks and when I saw the word “EASY,” I was all over it.

It tasted perfect on top of the ham.  It was even better after it sat in the refrigerator for a few days on my leftover ham sandwiches!


All you need is these 3 simple ingredients. 2 c. pickled beets, 2-3 Tbsp. horseradish, 1 c. apple sauce(we like the chunky type).


First, you need to coarsely grate or chop your beets. I love my little food processor and worked perfect for this.


After your beets are roughly chopped now add your horseradish. I like horseradish but I do not LOVE horseradish so I only added a little less than 2 Tbsp. Then I mixed them together.


Next, add your applesauce and mix.


Once you have it all mixed up, time to season it to taste. You can season the relish with salt, pepper, sugar or vinegar. I just added a bit of sugar and it was perfect for me!


And we are done. For best flavor, cover and chill overnight.


This relish is typically served with ham, kielbasa or any other meat. It was AMAZING with my ham.

This relish was easy and tasted delicious.  So next time you make ham, you really need to make this!

Are you a horseradish fan?

love kelley
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2 Responses to Time to Cook…Easy Horseradish & Beet Relish (Cwikla Latwa)

  1. A. says:

    If you love Ćwikła I recommend to you: http://fancyfolk.sklep9.pl/

  2. Dad says:

    Does it still burn the nose hairs? If it does, its still good.

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