Time to eat….Sekacz or Tree Cake

I know I am behind on posting about Polish holiday traditions as it was a bit crazy during those couple of weeks in my house but there is one tradition that is too good not to tell you about!

Not only during the Christmas holiday season but during weddings something special they eat here in Poland is this….

Sekacz or the Christmas tree  cake

Sekacz or Tree cake

So what is Sekecz?

The name of this dessert comes from its unique appearance.  As a result of pouring the spit with layers of dough, think layers of a bright cake divided with some dark and thin layers of a scorched cake are visible in a diameter of Polish tree cake.  that appearance resembles growth rings in the trunk of a tree.  The Polish word sekacz comes from sek, which means knot.


See it is hollow inside because of the pole the cook it on.

See it is hollow inside because of the pole it is baked on.

Does this not look delicious after I cut into it?

Does this not look delicious after I cut into it?

This delicious Polish cake can be covered with icing or chocolate, but most oftentimes is eaten plain.

It is used to be baked on open fire using a special spit and dry birch wood. Its preparation and baking requires being adept at this and having best and freshest ingredients.  Its thick, rich batter contains 40 or 50 eggs and it is baked by pouring ladles full of batter on to a rotary spit in open oven or over a very hot wood-burning fire.  When it’s done, you stand it up vertically so that all the “branches” stick out and slice it horizontally to see the “tree rings.” In the old days, sękacz was only baked for holidays and weddings because of the time and expense to make. 

Click HERE to see a neat Youtube clip of it being made.

And you wonder why I have gained so much weight living here the last 2 years? This is reason #113 or so!

What is your favorite cake to eat? Mine, my mother’s Angle food cake with sprinkles mixed in! 

love kelley
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3 Responses to Time to eat….Sekacz or Tree Cake

  1. Sara L. D. says:

    Reminds me of my mom, in a way, because Polish is close to Czechoslovakian, in my mind. Anyway….My favorite cake is the white wedding cake type of cake with buttercream frosting.

  2. Maddie M. says:

    Hello There!
    I’m visiting Warsaw and Krakow this summer, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about this cake! I was wondering if you knew of any bakeries/shops to get it at?


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