Time to cook….Gołąbki

The other day I spent the day learning to cook this AMAZING polish dish Gołąbki with my dear friends Ewa and Kornelia. They remember cooking these with their grandma’s.  So what are Gołąbki’s? They remind me of stuffed cabbage that my grandmother made just she didn’t cook the meat ahead of time she put the casserole dish in the oven to cook. Just that these polish version has a sweet tomato sauce on top.  It took about 3 hours for us to make about 60 of these.  An adult portion is about 3 of them and my kids ate 1 each, so we had plenty to eat!

So off we go to make them!  

So what Polish dish should I learn to cook next?

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love kelley
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  1. Karolina says:

    There are about as many gołąbki recipes as there are households in Poland ;o) For example: I never fry the meat before wrapping it in the leaves, never add rice and never use tomato sauce ;o) Instead I add a dry roll pre-soaked in water and an egg to the meat and for the sauce I use different spices and mushroom plus a bit of cream. General rule: add whatever you feel like and whatever you have at hand. SMACZNEGO!
    What are you cooking next?

  2. I know this dish, but I can’t remember why or when. to me it’s like spanishsh rice in a cabbage leaf.
    thanks for sharing.Where I am from in Iowa we do have Polish communities. So glad you posted this recipe. I will have to share it with the grand daughters to try.
    Is your hubby in the military?

    • I am glad you enjoyed it! For the next 4 days he is still in the military but then we are officially retired. Woo Hoo!!! We moved here because he was offered a great opportunity with great benefits so we jumped at it, quickly retired from the military and moved here.

  3. Wow, I have never had this but it sure looks delicious! I may have to try it sometime. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, Kelley!

  5. I have never had stuffed cabbage but this looks absolutely delicious!! Thanks so much for linking up to Foodie Friday!

  6. Just wanted to let you know I’ve featured you in the Foodie Friday this week! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  7. Reblogged this on Never a Dull Day in Poland and commented:

    Well tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and that probably means CORNED BEEF and Cabbage. WRONG!! I am going to celebrate my Irish roots Polish style with Gołąbki. I can’t get Corned Beef here (I have looked!) but cabbage is everywhere so I am going to make this recipe instead. We will however have some green sugar cookies shaped in shamrocks for some Irish good luck! So what special thing are you going to do for St. Patricks Day?

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  9. Frances says:

    I love to learn to cook new things. These do remind me of cabbage rolls but we never cooked the meat or boiled the cabbage before hand. We just rolled the leafs with meat and rice and popped in the oven casserole style. These look yummy in the frying pan.

  10. SnipShopSave says:

    We make these too, only without the bacon! Will have to try them next time without. We always just called them cabbage rolls, and Mom tells me they were handed down from her Irish Grandmother. I am sure there are many variations of them, but they are definitely yummy!
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