Time to cook….Mousse au chocolat (Chocolate Mousse)

One of the many perks of living in Europe is that you get to meet other women from all over the world.  Last week a few friends and I went over to another friend, Magali, who is from France to do a French cooking lesson.  She showed us how to cook 3 different things and today I am going to show one of them, Mousse au chocolat.  

Once you see how easy this is to make, you may never make Jello pudding again!

– 4 eggs – 100 gr butter – 100 gr chocolate – 4 tablespoons of sugar – Salt

Add 4 eggs yolks to the sugar. Put your separated egg whites into the refrigerator.

Mix until a “foam” light yellow.

Like this!

In a bowl gently melt the chocolate (broken into pieces beforehand). Add small pieces of butter.

Mix the chocolate and butter together.

Add the mixture of “chocolate-butter” foam in the “sugar-yolk” and mix.

Add a pinch of salt to eggs white and make them “up to snow” until it becomes hard.

Finally, GENTLY and SLOWLY mix the beaten egg whites and chocolate mixture.

It should look like this!

Pour mousse into individual cups and you have your final product!

Then hopefully you have friends over like we did that will do you dishes!


So what is your favorite chocolate food?

love kelley
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