Time to cook…Polish Plum Cake (Placek ze Sliwkami)

I mentioned the other day the girls and I went plum picking and you saw how many of those wonderful plums I brought home.  We can only eat so many plain so off to figure what I could bake with them.  The Polish like their plums and they like their cakes, so of course there is going to be recipes that has both.  Polish Plum Cake (or as they say it in Polish – Placek ze Slimkami).  While we are not a HUGE plum fans, this cake the whole family fell in love with!

The cake is moist and dense.  The plums when cooked turn really sweet.   It smelled GREAT while it was cooking The kids could not wait to cut into the cake once I pulled it out of the oven.  Once it cooled the cake was a hit with the whole family.  We love this cake (I wish we would have added more plums), so now I am going to try peaches and strawberries that I bought at the market this morning instead of the plums.

Enough talking, on to baking….

I hope your family enjoys this as much my family did.

What is your favorite fruit to bake with?

love kelley
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7 Responses to Time to cook…Polish Plum Cake (Placek ze Sliwkami)

  1. Ellen Levickis says:

    awesome! i have been looking at all the plums in the stores and wondering what new i can male. your description of moist and dense sold me. buying plums today, hopefully making cake asap!

  2. Ellen,

    You will have to tell me what you think of it!!!
    Never a Dull Day in Poland recently posted..Time to cook…Polish Plum Cake (Placek ze Slimkami)My Profile

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  4. Looks just like a German Plum Cake! LOL! This is the recipe that my German MIL taught me!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..Porkapple BurgersMy Profile

  5. katie h says:

    Looks delicious! Never heard of this before, but it sounds wonderful!

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