Time to Tango!

Time to Tango!

Last weekend my husband and I expanded our horizons a bit and did something that has been on our bucket list to do together for a while, we took a TANGO lesson!

Crazy huh?  After being married for 21 years that we would actually do it.

We got together for several other of our friends for a FUN filled packed 4 hour lesson.  It was a great time especially to see other couple having just as much as we were.

Our two instructors and the gentleman who coordinated the workshop.

Step one, learning to feel the man’s movement.

Now time to learn how walk with each other backwards.

Now on to learning the 8 count step!

It was a great time with great friends doing something that my husband and I have always talked about doing together!  Now we have a LONG ways to go before we will do this in public together but hey it is start, right?

What is your favorite music to dance to?  Mine, square dancing techno club music!



love kelley
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  1. Aniaa says:

    Polish folk is definitely my favorite music to dance to! :)

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