Time to Visit…Andy’s Polish Pottery Factory in Boleslawiec, Poland

 One of my favorite shops in the Boleslawiec, Poland is Andy Pottery!

This blog post was update September 15th, 2014.  Why?  Andy’s has made some MAJOR changes!!

The OLD Andy’s store and factory. It looked on the first floor just under the staircase.

The NEW store!  It is HUGE compared to the old one.

The NEW store! It is HUGE compared to the old one.

This is a family run business just outside of town.  So it can be a bit tricky to find the first time you go there.  When on the main road going out-of-town, you need to turn right at this church.  If you drive past the church, you have gone to far! The road is a small unpaved road going through a residential area.  You will drive down about 4 minutes or so and then it will be on your left side.

If you drive past this church coming from town, you have gone to far!

The store is small, when you get 15 people in there you are elbow to elbow. So if you go with a big group, get in fast!!!  Not anymore, take your time, it can easily hold 25 ladies and still be able to do jumping jacks.

They have their pieces set up by type not by pattern, so be prepared to dig for your pattern.  As their shop is small I would recommend to go earlier in the day for the greatest selection of pieces.

The inside of the OLD store.

Inside of the NEW store.

Inside of the NEW store. I told you it was big.

If you notice most of their pieces are UNIKAT.  Which explains why they are a bit more expensive compared to other stores.  But they are worth it!  They have many different patterns and types that you will not find in other stores.  They make really neat candle lamp shades, cookie jars, vases and tea light holders.

If you have more time, you can arrange for you to paint your own mug.  We did this about 3 years ago with our kids when we were in the area for a week on holiday.  Even my son who was 17 at the time had fun!  They mailed it to us about 2 weeks later after they fired it.

This the painting area for them.

Just a few of the colors they paint with!

And if you can’t find a piece that you want, all you have to do is ask them and they will make it for you!  Yes, they do custom orders.  It take about 8 weeks to get them.  I have also had custom mugs done and they turned out AMAZING!!!

This is their stamp! So if you see this on a piece of pottery, it’s from ANDY.

The nice thing about ANDY is that all their pieces are category 1 and that just a few they sell are category 2 like this piece. As you can see this casserole dish has just a minor flaw the glaze is just thin in this little area. Still completely usable just not perfect but if I could save a few zlotys to spend on something else, why not?

If you are a Yankee Candle fan like I am, they have these neat covers.

If you are a Yankee Candle fan like I am, they have these neat covers.

Just a few cereal bowls to choose from.

Just a few cereal bowls to choose from.

Is this not a huge selection?  Even since I took these photos they have even added a whole middle selection that is 2 huge tables that items such mini muffin pans, roasters and other truly unique items.

Is this not a huge selection? Even since I took these photos they have even added a whole middle selection that is 2 huge tables that items such mini muffin pans, roasters and other truly unique items.

Is he not the cutest?

Is he not the cutest?

They take US dollars, Euros, Zlotys and Credit Card.

Parking can be tricky here as there is spots for about 3 cars but you can park down the street a bit and walk up and then when you are finished drive the car up to put your new dishes in!  Not anymore!  I bet you can park at least 30+ cars now with the new store.

Want to know more about Andy’s?  Click HERE to go to his website.

Their address is Tomaszow Boleslawieki 111A, 59-720, Raciborowice Gorne

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Want to find out about more Polish pottery stores located in Boleslawiec? Click HERE to see a list of all the stores I have done a blog post on!

Have you been to Andy’s?  Leave a comment with what you like and don’t like or if have any pointers for shopping there!

love kelley
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20 Responses to Time to Visit…Andy’s Polish Pottery Factory in Boleslawiec, Poland

  1. Love Andys! The only place where I can get my very tall and large tea mugs! I just had a friend get some more for me, as they are the BEST for tea! Andy can also make personalized military unit plates, cups, whatever you want! All he needs is a drawing of the insignia or whatever you’d like to commemorate. Just give him plenty of lead time! I used to arrange tours from the Stuttgart USO to Boleslawiec, and we ALWAYS stopped at Andy’s! You might want to mention the handblown glass place just down the street…pricey but interesting and neat to watch them blow the glass pieces.
    Life Lessons of a Military Wife recently posted..Looking for beginner skiing in Southern Germany? (and more skiing tips really for all levels!)My Profile

    • He actually made some mugs for me of the base logo here that the Spouses Club is selling as a fundraiser. They turned out AWESOME!!!

      The glass factory is another post I am working on. I love that place! It is pricey but what you pay in Zloty there, is the price in US dollars if you were purchasing it in the US. So it a great deal if you are looking at them as investments like I do.

      • Crystal says:

        Hi Kelley. Interested in hearing more on the glass factory. Have you done a post on it yet? Love your blog! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Sunny says:

    I am going to Boleslawic in a few weeks to pottery shop. Loved your write up about Andy’s and the store photos – really helps with my planning! My shopping time will be limited as we a traveling with our children; your photos and comments are especially helpful in planning my shopping strategy. I am especially interested in visiting the Ceramika Artystyczna and Zaklady Ceramiczne. Did you visit theses stores? Thanks so much for the helpful information on Andy’s!

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  4. David says:

    My wife and I are frequent visitors to Andy’s. He is a very good friend and one of the most accommodating person in the village. His products are some of the best values to be found. I sit down and talk with him and his son Matthew all of the time. Look for him at the bazaars, he has been a mainstay for the last few years. My main purpose for my post is that some time in the next few months (Sept – Dec) he will have a new shop that makes some of the challenges you mentioned go away. You might have even seen it as you arrived at his current shop. It will have a modern showroom and an improved processing system. He also says that he will be keeping his product at the same costs as he has now and will continue to bring in new lines like the glasses line he brought in this spring. I am glad you found Andy, he is a great guy with great product.

  5. Bobette Rowland says:

    I am with Ramstein Girl Scouts in Ramstein Germany. We are interested in purchasing 70 mugs for a leaders appreciation gift for our volunteers. 50 mugs would have the Girl Scout logo and say Ramstein Girl Scouts and 20 would have the Girl Scout logo and say Ramstein Girl Scouts. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you for your time.

    • Bobette,

      This is not Andy’s website/blog but my personal one. You best bet would be to contact him directly on his site. I would recommend you contact him quickly as it can take up to 2-3 months for custom orders especially this size of one. I do know he does have the GS logo as I had him make it about 3 years ago for me personally for gifts for my leaders when I was OCC in the Tri-Border area when I thought I was moving back the the US only to find out 5 months later we would be moving to a base in Poland! If you need any help let me know!

  6. Cindy bender says:

    Help! I just broke a piece of my Andy…….. Rather small plate under my salt and pepper the dish …..it is the many colors (flowers) orange red blue and light blue please contact me to see if I can purchase one thank you Cindy

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  10. Chae says:

    Is there nice and safe place to stay near Polish pottery shops? It will be very helpful if i can have address to Andy’s please!!

  11. Vicki. Walters says:

    What are the hours and days of week the different shops are open. Is it 7 days a week or are there days they are closed?

    • Vicki,
      If look at each of the store blog posts I have most of them listed. They all have different hours unfortunately. Some open as early at 7am and some as late as 9am and are open 7 days a week and some are closed on Sundays and/or close super early on Saturday.

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