Time to Visit….Bratislava Marathon

Time to Visit….Bratislava Marathon

I know I have not posted a lot this past week and half but I have a REALLY good excuse!  My husband was off running another half marathon, this time in Bratislava Slovakia!


I love it when my husband signs up to run a marathon.  Why?  Because I get to explore another city or country!  This time he was off running another half marathon, this time in Bratislava Slovakia!

I have mentioned in previous posts that a good friend of mine here is from Slovakia and a have another friend from our last military base who is also from Slovakia so it was GREAT to visit there home country.

Even though it is officially spring here, it so does not feel that way with the weather we are having!  Last weekend was not exception.  It was just a wee bit COLD that day.

I did the good wife thing like I do at all his marathons, chased him around the city to see him throughout the run. Best part I get to meet some neat people and see the sights all in one!

Where is my husband in there?

Where is my husband in there?

My husband thinking, "do I really want to run this?"

My husband thinking, “do I really want to run this?”


This was a remote control flying camera watch the participants.


And a way they go! One of the other things I like about marathons, you get to walk on streets and other places that you normally would not be able too!


When you see these cars coming down the street, that means one thing! Here comes the leaders, wonder if my husband is in there?


Here are the leaders and he is defiantly not in that group, LOL!


I love looking at other runners while I am waiting for my husband to come by. First interesting one I saw was this guy! He has got to be be COLD!!! I think we was the only one without sleeves.


This is how I know when my husband is getting close when you watch for the balloons. These people are the pacers that you need to keep up with if you want to run you marathon in a particular time. These guys were the pacers for those who want to run a marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes. My husband is usually at the 4 hour mark, so I knew I had a few more minutes until he came.


This run only had this gentleman in a wheelchair. We have been to a few others where there is a whole wheelchair division. I can not imagine what his poor arms feel like when he is done.


There are always a few with CRAZY clothing on. First up, this one!


Wonder if my hubby is in the crowd.


#1673 is blind! the guy next to him had a rope that they were holding together to help him run. Now if that is not inspiring I am not sure what is.


Here he comes!


And there he goes!


This old guy was a hoot! He was blessing the runners as they went by. If they acknowledged him, his smile went ear to ear.


That is one way to keep your head warm.


There has too be more to this story.


Here he comes to my next stop!


And there he goes again!


I found this neat stand while walking around Bratislava chasing my husband. So guess what my kids got for a treat?


Oops, I missed him at my next stop! I caught the tail end of him if that counts for anything.


My final stop to watch the hubby, the FINISH line! This the sign he is looking for. He only ran the half marathon this race which was perfect because it was so cold outside!! If he was running a full marathon then he would have done the same loop all over again.


All types run marathons!!


This is going to be my husband in 30 years!


Almost done, honey!! Only a few more meters.


The finish line!

Yes, it was another proud wife day that I had!  This marathon was a fun one to watch him in as the course was nicely laid out as I was able to just walk a few blocks and see him run by as it did a few zigzags throughout the city.

So watch over the next week or so and see where we all went for the next 10 days while we toured Slovakia, Vienna and southern Poland.

Are you runner where would like to run a marathon?  Me, I am not a runner but I would love if my husband ran one in Thailand.

love kelley
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  1. leah bokinsky says:

    That is awesome…what a great way to travel!

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