Time to Visit…Manufaktura Polish Pottery

Time to Visit…Manufaktura Polish Pottery

Several weeks ago I did a post about Polish Pottery shopping trip I did with several friends a while back. I promised that I would do a post about each of the different stores and factories we went too.  Well up today is one of my favorites, Manufaktura.

Welcome to Manufaktura!

Like Andy’s, this one can be a tricky one to find the first time you go there.  You will drive up a hill on a small road following the signs.  You will get to a fork in the road where you can go down the hill to another small store/factory(I don’t remember the name as I didn’t make it there this trip but I have been there on other trips.  It a small shop with simple designs but good prices!!) OR you can go to you left towards a cemetery and you will drive through a fence and on your right will be a grocery store type warehouse and Manufaktura on your right.  There is lots of parking so no worries about that!

The outside of the store.

Need a photo opportunity? Here you go! You know you have always wanted to be a piece of pottery.

Now time to head inside of the store!  Size-wise, this store is in the top 3 depending how you look at them.  This is an easy store to shop at as they have most the store arranged by pattern not by style.  So if you find a pattern you like you don’t have to dig they have it all in one spot!  The discount area it is the opposite, it is my style not pattern.  NOW here is the tricking part here – a lot of their patterns are seasonal, so because they had a pattern this trip doesn’t mean they will have it next trip.  BUT if you really want a certain pattern you can special order pieces.

This is one of the 3 rooms they have. Most of the left side is the markdown area. In this store the markdown area can have category 2 through 4, You have to really look at what you are purchasing. You might even find a category 1 too with some of their old patterns that they are getting rid of.

Another view of the room. This store is one to get little items like you in them middle as they a BIG selection. They also have a GREAT jewelry selection as well.

This is the back room.  Now if you drag you husband along, right where I am standing they have a couch where they can sit and take a break!

This is one of their new patterns! I am in LOVE!!  I REALLY need to play the lotto so I can afford a table setting like this.

This the main room when you walk in. You can see they have 2 check-outs so it typically is quick here to make your purchases.

Just outside the store you can look into the factory.

Now that is a lot of pottery molds!!


Inside the factory.

This one is HUGE as a lot of their’s goes to the US or other countries.  How do I know that is goes to other countries?  Well I got this piece from them when I was there in a box that they donated to us for a charity fundraiser we were doing a month later.

Yes, that is a TJ Max price tag on it for $3.99!! CRAZY, huh?

 So how do you know if you have a piece of from here?

Here is their stamp!

This is one of my favorite stores to shop in as they have a HUGE selection.  Since they do have a nice selection there is no real rush to get their early for the best selection.  Oh, one other great thing, they have a BATHROOM, which is directly in front of the store doors across the courtyard area.

Click HERE to go to their website to get the most current hours.

They take US dollars, Euros, Zlotys and Credit Card.

If you are able to do tax-free shopping(faktura’s) they do them but not on the spot.  They will mail them to you.  Mine took about 2 weeks to come.

Now here is the best part of Manufaktura, they also have an outlet store is the city center of Boleslawiec.  Click HERE to go to my post about the outlet store.  They also have a Unique Gallery too!  Click HERE to go to my post about the gallery store.

Want to find out about more Polish pottery stores located in Boleslawiec? Click HERE to see a list of all the stores I have done a blog post on!

Have you been to Manufaktura?  Leave a comment with what you like and don’t like or if have any pointers for shopping there!


love kelley
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13 Responses to Time to Visit…Manufaktura Polish Pottery

  1. My favorite of all of them! I made regular trips to Boleslawiec especially for their summer pottery festival…best time of year to go and also enjoy their antique/flea market and all the other vendors:-) I would say give some tips about vehicle safety and places to stay:-) Maybe also driving tips for Poland….
    Life Lessons of a Military Wife recently posted..Anyone down in the dumps and currently need someone to pull them out?My Profile

    • To be honest I have never had a problem with my car down there. It is no different then when we travel to any other country and you have out of country plates in eastern Europe. To be honest I have heard of more break-ins when we lived in Holland from friends then I did there.

      Hotels are on my list eventually I have only stayed at the Blue Beet which is great and the mission just outside of town which is complete a different experience but not for the average person! But now that I live local I don’t spend the night anymore.
      Never a Dull Day in Poland recently posted..Time to Visit…Manufaktura Polish PotteryMy Profile

  2. Monica says:

    Thanks for posting! I love seeing pics of Poland! Please keep posting more!

  3. Sunny says:

    Enjoyed reading! Wasn’t aware of this pottery factory! Love all your details and photos. Kelly, I am looking to buy plates and bowls, maybe even a full set of dishes. Which pottery place(s) sells set of dishes or sells plates and bowls? Which do you think is best for this kind of purchase? TX for all the helpful info!

    • Sunny,

      Sorry I am no help when it comes to which store would be best to get a set a dishes. It REALLY depends on what pattern you like. I have friends who have got complete sets at Henry’s, Andy’s, Milina, Artistica, and Manufakutra. So it all depends what you like as they all carry dishes. Personally, I am not a matchy person so why not get a variety that compliments each other!

  4. Cynthia Sommer says:

    Do you know if the Polish pottery is lead free? :) I love the pieces! The picture with the new line that you’d love to be able to afford a whole table of – I could’ve sworn I saw that exact pattern at Cost Plus today.

  5. Candy Spooner says:

    Hi there,

    I love Polish pottery and have made 7 trips so far to Boleslawiec to shop. I want to share with you what I have learned from having researched the many brands/manufacturers in Boleslawiec. Henry’s and Cer-Far (the one you call “White Picket Fence”) are actually retailers and not pottery manufacturers. They carry most, not all, the different brands of pottery out there. For those who are keen on buying large quantity of say mugs and plates of a matching designs or sets should shop at these two huge retailers because they have multiple quantities of each item. One downside is because they are a retailer, they will charge a little higher for the items (around 10 – 15% more) but that’s the price you pay for convenience. :)

    Here is a list of pottery brands/manufacturer’s of Polish pottery from the biggest to smallest:

    1. Ceremika Artystyczna
    2. Zaklady
    3. Manufaktura
    4. WR
    5. Kalich
    6. Andy
    7. Millena
    8. Vena
    9. Wiza
    10. Cer-Raf
    11. Tyrcz
    12. Ada

    Have fun visiting and thank you for sharing the information you gather on your trips there with Polish pottery fans like me. :)

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  8. Wendy says:

    Do u have the address to Manufactura? I hear GPS can be tricky there. I think I will take both, we have a. Garmin n Navigon.

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